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Huge Oversized Beach Towels for Two

Updated on March 11, 2017

Huge Over-Sized Beach Towels

These oversized towels are great for couples, parents, and friends who need a sand-free area to lay down on (or to dry off on.)
These oversized towels are great for couples, parents, and friends who need a sand-free area to lay down on (or to dry off on.)

Oversized beach towels are the latest craze for the beach. Why bring a small towel that you can get sandy if you roll off it? Maybe you just need a huge towel for you and your sweetheart to share at the same time for instance. Well thats where huge oversize beach towels come in! These towels are real Egyptian cotton with the best dyes and colors for towels. Made for use on the ground in the sand or dirt they will hold up for a long time under the wear and tear of using them as a clean spot to lay down. If you have kids this is also great for them to play with toys that cant get sandy (or shouldnt get sandy). Taller then most people and wide enough to fit almost three people this is all you need for that day at the beach. Grab your oversized towel, a large umbrella, and a cooler of your favorite snacks and drinks to have a day of fun in the sun! There is an oversized towel that will fit anyones likes or dislikes, from plainness ones with light images to brilliant colorful dolphins. Out of all the towels I like the dolphin one the best (dolphins though the porthole) the colors stay rich, the edges of the towel are dark so if a corner is wet it wont show on the image, and of course its made for heavy usage. The plainer ones are nice for people who want to use the towels also for Forth of July fireworks in a field downtown or in there backyards for the kids to play. Ones like the sun one are great for all events - of course even at the fireworks I wouldnt mind sitting on the huge dolphin towel. Those funny people in the group, the young ones in college or the ones young at heart will love the "Multi-Slacker" oversized towel. That puts a funny spin on you being at the beach (dont skip classes). So what are you waiting for, get your favorite huge oversized towel and head on down to the beach with your sweetie.


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    • katrinasui profile image

      katrinasui 5 years ago

      These towels are really huge.

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