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PUMA evoSPEED 5 FG Review

Updated on September 30, 2013

Background Info

I ordered these cleats in white/red in a men's 8.5 (US sizing) in late June at a rather reasonable price (33 USD/20.84 Pounds/25 Euros) thanks to a great sale and have worn them since. Also, I haven't 'modified' them in anyway. Before wearing these I wore a pair of basic Addias Predators.


These cleats look great in person, with enough flash to look good but not look overly cocky. The only downside design-wise is the silver flap which doesn't really match the rest of the cleat. To me, the only color I would consider getting these cleats in is the White/Red combo, but they are also available in Green/White, Black/Orange, Straight White and Silver/Green. Being white cleats, they pick up dirt easily so it's essential to clean them after use to maintain the 'whiteness'.

The First Wear

From the moment I put on these cleats, they felt comfortable and didn't need lots of breaking in. I could practice normally even though it was the first wear of these cleats, and that says great things about them. They felt (and still feel today) really lightweight, although the spikes at the bottom felt a little weird for the first 15 minutes.


Durability - They are very, very durable and are great in all conditions. I can wear these cleats in the snow, rain and mud without worrying about them wearing out. I accidentally left these outside during a torrential rainstorm and found them the next morning to be almost fully dry and awesomely (if that's a verb) to be sparkling clean

Lightness - The Evospeed line was part designed by Usain Bolt and has the word 'Speed' in it, so I think it goes without saying that they are ridiculously lightweight and don't slow you down in anyway. It seems like every aspect of the Evospeed 5 was designed for speed, which has it's pros and cons (see below).

Attacking - I would highly recommend these cleats if you are an attacker or an attacking midfielder. They are great for beating that last man, and you can easily do tricks with them on. Also, they are great for stylish shots and have a large sweet spot for shooting.


Defending - The Evospeed 5 was clearly not made for defenders. The cleat is built for fleeing defenders, so it's quite clear that these aren't right for defenders.

Cushioning - As mentioned above, the Evospeed 5s were created with speed in mind, and because of that cushioning around the front of them are less than on a normal cleat. This helps get a more natural touch, but also can send your shots spiraling out of whack if you aren't careful.

Overall Rating


Attackers - 9.5/10

Outside Midfielders - 9/10

Central Midfielders - 8/10

Defensive Midfielders - 6/10

Defenders- 4/10

Overall, these are great cleats and usually a great bargain. I highly recommend them as a smart and cost-efficient cleat for those who enjoy getting up the field and attacking. These are a much better option than the new Addias Predators and Nike Bombas in my opinion.

© 2013 N. Lazar


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