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Pacers pick Hansbrough

Updated on June 26, 2009

Indiana Pacer draft pick Tyler Hansbrough

Pacers pick Hansbrough

In the 2009 NBA draft the Indiana Pacers selected Tyler Hansbrough with their 1st round pick.  Hansbrough is a 6'9" power forward from the University of North Carolina.

Was this a good selection by the Pacers?  There is no doubt that Hansbrough is a good player, how good he will be in the NBA remains to be seen.  I also get the feeling there is more behind this selection.  The Pacers all ready have Troy Murphy, Jeff Foster and will most likely resign Josh McRoberts as power forwards.  Granted, Foster is also the back-up center but it seems like they are overloaded at the power forward slot.  I think McRoberts will blossom into a quality back-up big man.  Foster is all ready one of the best back-up power forward/centers in the league.  Hansbrough will either be a quality back-up or a good starter in a year or two.

It appears to me like the Pacers will be getting rid of Murphy either some time next year or simply let his contract expire in two years.  I would not be surprised to see the Pacers unload Jeff Foster in some kind of combination deal and get a quality point guard along with a big body.  The Pacers will need a big body to play against Shaq.  Hibbert would do a good job but he is still developing and struggles with foul problems.  I expect Hibbert to play about 24 minutes per game in 2009-10.

I also think T.J. Ford's time with the Pacers may be coming to an end.  I can see a package deal with Ford and Foster.  I am also wondering if Jarrett Jack will return.  His asking price may be too high.

The next month or so should be very interesting for the Pacers.  I believe there will be some moves made via tradess and free agents.


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