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Paintball guns Yesterdays and Today

Updated on January 15, 2010

History of Paintballing

The history of recreational sport Paintballing really began in 1981 it was played by twelve men all using pistol markers and playing a game of capturing the opponent’s flag. Marker is the term given to any paintball gun, pistol or rifle. This took place in a field in New Hampshire. The winning team competitors that capture the flag did so without firing a shot. His team mates kept firing keeping the other team down and ducking for cover as he made a mad dash to retrieve the opposing team’s flag without firing a single shot from his marker.

New Jersey was the last state to legalize paintballing was in 1988. Yes, it was considered illegal to play paintball there, you did it secretly or you went across the state line and played. So if you fired your paintball gun at another player it could be consider an Assault and Battery charge because paintball guns were classified as a firearm. The NJ State Police interpreted paintball guns to be a firearm. After it was legalizes it still took over five more years of lawsuits before the first paintball field was open at TOPGUN Paintball site their current site today opened in 1993.

Paintball History Time Line

1981 First game played in New Hampshire

1982 First outdoor field was opened to the public in New York

1983 First National Championship was held $14,000 cash prize

1984 First indoor playing field in New York

1985 first outdoor playing field in England

1988 IPPA (International Paintball Players Association) was founded to educate safety promote paintballing

1992 NPPL (National Professional Paintball League) was founded

1993 NPPL Pro-Am Series started with sites around the U.S.A.

1996 Paintball fields, stores, and tournaments can now be found in these and other countries:

USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia, England, Scotland, Denmark, France, Holland, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Africa, Russia, New Zealand, Brazil, Venezuela, Philippines, Germany, Austria, Ireland, Belgium, Greece, Israel, Korea, and Thailand.

2004 Greg Hasting Tournament Paintball video game

2008 NPPL: Championship Paintball 2009 for playstation, WII, XBOX 360 live & PlayStaion 2


1970’s Markers

 Today’s Markers: Price for over $2000 to $67.00

$2000 US
$2000 US
$1700 US
$1700 US
$67 US
$67 US

Today Paintball VIDEO games

One of the first Paintball video games came out in 2004 Greg Hasting Tournament Paintball then in 2006 Greg Hasting Tournament Paintball Max’D and one of the newest paintball game is NPPL: Championship Paintball 2009 out in November of 2008 the video clip is from is this game available for playstation, WII, XBOX 360 live and PlayStaion 2


Try Out your SHOOTING SKILLS with a Paintball gun and It suppost to reduce stress.

The Real Thing

Simple gogles
Simple gogles
wild mask
wild mask

No Eye Protect in the beginning to simple goggles to some wild paintball masks

We have came from no eye protect in the beginning to simple goggles to some wild paintball masks now a days.

Paintball Masks is a very important part of your paintball equipment in the field. If you can’t see to shoot, how are you going to see if you about to step into the sites of the other team a get splat with paint? Finding the mask that fits your head shape and size is vital to enjoy the game and having a headache from the mask digging into your face. Making looking for a Marker store that offer more than one sizes fits all important.

It is not recommend getting colored or tinted lens in your mask. It is not going to be a bright sunny day very time you play a round. The paintball compound seems to have a negative reaction to the tinting on the lens making spot on the lens where the tint has come off.

Fogging up lens is always a problem; there are products on the mark to help your mask from fogging up again if you can’t see out…. I know it is going to sound gross but, if you do not have any anti-fogging spray for your mask this will help and work. Spit onto the inside of your mask rub your spit coating all of the lens as much and the best that you can adding more spit if needed and then rinse with water. Shake and dry the outside of the lens but do not wipe the inside and you mask will stay fog free.


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    • profile image

      paintballsupport 8 years ago

      Seeing the history timeline is interesting to glimpse at.

    • Ted Waggoner profile image

      Ted Waggoner 8 years ago

      Thanks for that comments. It would be really cool though to play against a team like that once don't you think. I might get splattered with paint but I would take someone out with me....

    • profile image

      Joey 8 years ago

      Jeeze that stuff looks intense. I watched those videos and man are those guys into it. I mean, I love playing for fun and all but not like those guys. But great information.

    • Ted Waggoner profile image

      Ted Waggoner 8 years ago


      The history of paintballing is very young compared to other sports activities but, as colorful as the balls used for making. The first marker, paintball gun was invented in the 1970’s would become the first paintball gun or marker because it was used to mark tree for the forestry industry and to MARK livestock if the field. The colorful history of paintballing would so start.

    • MaryRae profile image

      MaryRae 8 years ago

      Interesting information. I've thought before about playing paintball because a lot of times there is a paintball booth at my school. It looks like fun!

    • Joanne Greco profile image

      Joanne Greco 8 years ago from USA

      Very interesting hub!! My kids LOVE paintballing!!! They tried it about three years ago and have played many times since them.

    • profile image

      Anne A. 8 years ago

      Wow! I've always wanted to try paintball. I had no idea that it's become so recognized as a pro sport. Cool.