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Pacquiao vs Bradley 2 Boxing Match Recap and Day-Before-Analysis

Updated on June 3, 2014

Article Spoiler, Pacquiao wins by decision

Manny Pacquiao won in an unanimous decision after 12 rounds over Timothy Bradley. The article, below the highlight video, is my day-before-take on how it was going to go, plus some great fight videos they both had previously.

Personally I'm happy Pacquiao won, as I think he is a good humble champion. That's not saying that Bradley wasn't a humble and good champion. Although Bradley comes off a little cocky, he dealt with being an unpopular champion in his short reign. Yet, he took on tough opponents and showed he deserved respect. Although this is his first loss, I think he will be around for awhile being a force to reckon with in boxing.

Although I didn't watch the fight live, I did catch the full fight on YouTube before the video was taken off, and as expected it was a good fight to watch. Below is a video of ESPN highlights on the fight. Oh, and I predicted this outcome as well in my day before analysis.

Pacquiao vs Bradley 2 ESPN highlights

Manny Pacquiao
Manny Pacquiao | Source

Pacquiao Needs to knock Bradley Out

Manny Pacquiao has a record of 55-5-2 and is 35 years old. He is going to war in a rematch against Timothy Bradley Jr. who is 30-0 and 30 years old.

Two years ago these two warriors had their first match, in which Bradley won a controversial decision. Although I personally like Pacquiao more than Bradley, I have to say from the highlights (which will be in this hub), the bout looked to be very close. I didn't get to watch the first fight in full, but I have watched both of these fighters in full fights previous to their meetings.

My prediction is this is going to go the entire 12 rounds and will have another controversial decision. I am rooting for Pacquiao to win the fight, but it's going to be so close, it could go either way. Their styles are different, yet they are both busy fighters, both can absorb a lot of punishment.

Pacquiao needs to knock out Bradley to redeem himself fully and have his career bolstered with a much needed second wind in the boxing world. A Pacquiao win could just result in a Mayweather fight, which every boxing fan would very much appreciate. Although, Bradley fighting Mayweather would also be a great fight and I think would mean the end of Mayweather's undefeated crown -- that's likely why Floyd won't take the fight.

Timothy Bradley Jr.
Timothy Bradley Jr. | Source

Pacquiao vs Bradley

How Do You See It?

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Welterweight Championship (WBO)

Bradley, many say "stole" the championship from Pacquiao two years ago, which was Pacquiao's first loss in 7 years. Yet, Marquez didn't steal anything six months later, when he knocked Pacquiao out with a hard right in the middle rounds. Pacquiao has beaten Rios since in a convincing victory since, and his skills are very much still intact at a young 35 years old.

Bradley is a tough character, nicknamed "Desert Storm", his fight against Provodnikov in 2013 was an all out brawl (video at bottom of hub), which showed the determination Bradley has to defend his title belt. Any other fighter should have been knocked out many times in this fight, but Bradley instead kept on his feet and busy enough to win a decision. After watching this fight of Bradley, I was impressed enough to respect this man's chin and heart. Beating a popular champion like Pacquiao didn't endear Bradley with the public, yet he doesn't seem to mind, and goes to work with a determination not seen often in boxing.

Although this fight has likely been over-hyped and is a distraction for bigger more serious issues in this world, this doesn't diminish that this is going to be on of the best fights in boxing history, especially in the welterweight division.

The Sweet Science
The Sweet Science | Source

Keys for a Pacquiao Win

- Be 100% ready mentally

- Use new combinations, including uper-cuts

- Stay busy, and move well.

- Stamina, and being able to take Bradley's accurate punches.

The Actual Fight

Bradley thinks he has Pacquiao figured out as a couple trick pony whose power can't hurt him. Pacquiao needs to incorporate some combinations and timing that Bradley has not seen from him yet. I predict, he will do just this, as the loss he suffered two years ago and against Marquez has invigorated his motivation to train harder and box smarter than ever before. Pacquiao's mind set will be 100% determined and ready to attack Bradley with harder punches and new moves that are going to make Bradley have to reach deeper than ever to counter his intensity.

Bradley thinks Pacqiuao's over the hill and lost his motivation and hunger. I think Bradley is the one that is in danger of this more so. Pacquiao has been on top much longer than Bradley, and has learned to stay on top, which is very hard to do for as long as he did. In the mean time, he didn't loose his integrity and honor as a person, always being the same humble and gracious victor. There aren't many fighters who have been able to be as good of a champion as Pacquiao has. Pacquiao has though never been knocked off his perch so hard in his career, and at 35 he still has enough physical prowess to bring a new level of intensity to this boxing game he has added so much to.

Bradley has become champion deservedly so, and has held on to it for a short time. A fighter's main goal is to get where he has gotten, and they don't usually think much about after this goal has been reached. Bradley has accomplished maybe more than he ever thought he would, does he have the motivation and hunger to stay on top at all costs, when he has already exceeded his expectations? I think if Pacquiao comes out with some new moves and renewed vigor, Bradley is going to have to dig deeper than he has ever had to dig. I'm just not sure his mentality will allow him to scrap up enough madness and tenacity to brawl in a whirlwind of choas Pacqiuao is bound to bring. At least not enough to be busier than the pacman.

So, my prediction is Manny Pacquiao in a decision 117-114. Many people may think this is a fix to simply hype a third fight, but it will be an honest fight, and there will be a third bout. I have much respect for both of these fighters, and cringe a bit thinking about how nasty this one is going to be. For fight fans though, it doesn't get better than this, and hopefully whoever wins will finally be the one who stops Mayweather once and for all, if Floyd has the guts to fight them.

Bradley vs. Provodnikov 2013 full fight

Pacquiao vs Morales II 2006

Pacquiao vs Bradley I Highlights


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