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Paracord – Utilities & Function

Updated on October 8, 2017

When you are looking for a strong cord, the ideal buy for you would be a paracord which is basically a parachute cord. Now this cord is used basically for parachutes, but today it has found other utilities because of its light weight and strength.

Uses of Paracord

The versatility of the paracord makes it useful for various purposes. Some of its more popular uses are:

  • To secure a tent while camping
  • Securing a boat to trees or rocks
  • To make a tow for vehicles or boats and ships
  • Durable clothes line
  • Create a pulley system to lift heavy objects
  • In hammocks
  • For hikers and mountain climbers to make a survival bracelets
  • Dog leashes and in tethering
  • Fishing nets

Buy Paracord

Why Use a Paracord?

Its strength and light weight ranks it way above other ropes and cords. A good paracord is made of about 7 core threads twisted into each other. The material used is strong nylon. Today more and more people, especially outdoor and sports enthusiasts, find it indispensable because of its various uses. And since it is also inexpensive and durable, it is a preferred buy. These paracarods also come various colors. This not only makes it attractive while used in hammocks or pet collars but also provides easy visibility. One can easily distinguish the cord from a distance.


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