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Parafoil Kites | Simple to Fly | Fun for all ages and budgets

Updated on April 10, 2013

Although like with any hobby these kites can run from $20 up to several thousands of dollars so be careful on how hard you catch the fever.

Forget about all the kite flying frustrations encountered while growing up!

Parafoil Kites are simple to fly pack and store. If you can catch enough wind in the parafoil, these kites will fly by themsleves even tethered to a post or a small tree.

Ideal flying conditions are in winds up to 8 MPH

For many being told to go fly a kite might be considered an insulting comment.

Others who have discovered parafoil kites just thrive for the next outdoor adventure.

The images of the old sticks and paper kites crashing into the ground and breaking apart never seemed to make kite flying something that we would ever consider doing again.

I can really remember only a few times that we were actually able to get a kite with the old “T” frame up off the ground and fly.

I think all the stars must have been aligned just right and the wind must have been perfect.

All the other times we just never seemed to be able to get the tail at the right length to balance it.

Either that or the wind would take it and bend it backwards with broken sticks looking like a bad umbrella.

Actually centuries ago kite flying was a favorite family summer day event.

Without all the restaurants and entertainment choices that we now enjoy, people would pack up a lunch and head off to the park or beach with the family to enjoy the afternoon either watching or flying kites.

People would also spend hours inside during the cold winter months building all types of kites just awaiting for some fair spring weather to go out and try their newest creation.

These newer parafoil kites have largely been flown on beaches and are patterned after the parafoil ski boats that run along the coast line as the skier is floating along behind them.

These kites are beginning to make more appearances in parks and other recreational areas away from beaches and obviously safely away from power lines.

They are also becoming a popular past time event and even turning into sporting events, with a large following of people on internet forums talking all about the adventures and different types of parafoil kite flying.

Some kites have a simple one line leading up to a branch off of strings that fasten at different points on the fabric to form the parafoil.

Larger kites resemble a parachute allowing the operator to ride a skate board or buggy and actually steer in the direction they want to go.

Stunt kites have double fisted handles filled with strings going up to different point on the kite so that the operator can actually steer and control to maneuver the kites into different stunt patterns.

Parafoil kites come in all sizes and price ranges that will fit into any family budget. Best of all unlike the old kites that had to have a frame inside, these kites pack into a small pouch that can be easily transported even on a bicycle.

Made of lightweight nylon the kites come in all different shapes and styles. Some are shaped to look like the floating animals in a Thanksgiving day parade, others are shaped to spin around or to look like a fish swimming in the water.

Some of the larger ones are being used as commercial advertisement as they do draw attention and float in the sky like a giant bill board.

No matter what business you are in you can probably have a parafoil kite made to advertise it.

You do have to be very careful of how you fold up the cords as the parafoil design requires so many that they can easily become a tangled mess.

Just Google parafoil kites to find suppliers, forums and clubs in your area.


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