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Paris Saint-Germain FC

Updated on May 29, 2013

Official Name: Paris Saint-Germain FC

Secretary: Jean-François Meaudre 

Coach: Paul Le Guen

President: Alain Cayzac 

Press Officer: Mathias Barbera 

Fax: (+33) 01 41 10 71 00

Address: Rue du Commandant Guilbaud 24 75016 Paris

Uniform: Blue/ white red white red horizontal line in center

Telephone: (+33) 08 25 07 50 78

Alternative uniform: Brown

UEFA Cup Winners' Cup winner: 1996 

UEFA Intertoto Cup winner: 2001

Ligue 1 Championship winner: 1986, 1994

Coupe des France (French Cup) winner: 1982, 1983, 1993, 1995, 1998, 2004, 2006

Coupe de la Ligue winner: 1995, 1998

Trophée Des Champions winner: 1995, 1998

Ligue 2 Championship winner: 1971

1970: August: Foundation of Paris Saint-Germain, First president: Pierre Phelipon, Uniform: Red

1971: Ligue 2 Championship winner, Promoted to Ligue 1

1972: Split of Club: City Council forces club to drop Saint-Germain from name. The professional part joined C.A. Montreuil and remained in Ligue 1 under name of F.C. Paris, amateur part joined third division, New president: Robert Vicot

1972: Promotion to Ligue 2 (as champion after disqualification of US Le Petit-Quevilly)

1973: Club becomes professional again, New uniform: light blue/ white red white red horizontal line in center, Promotion to Ligue 1 (F.C. Paris relegated to Ligue 2), New president: Just Fontaine

1976: New president: Velibor Vasovic

1977: New president: Jean-Michel Larqué, Pierre Alonzo

1978: New president: Velibor Vasovic, Pierre Alonzo

1979: New president: Georges Peyroche

1981: New uniform: white/ red and blue horizontal lines (one of each) 

1982: Coupe des France (French Cup) winner 

1983: New president: Lucien Leduc, Coupe des France (French Cup) winner

1984: New president: Georges Peyroche, Christian Coste

1985: New president: Gérard Houllier

1986: Ligue 1 Championship winner 

1988: New president: Erich Mombaerts, Tomislav Ivic

1990: New president: Henri Michel

1991: New owner: Canal + (French TV channel), New president: Artur Jorge

1993: Coupe des France (French Cup) winner

1994: New uniform: previous, New president: Luis Fernandez, Ligue 1 Championship winner

1995: Coupe des France (French Cup) winner, Coupe de la Ligue winner, Trophée Des Champions winner

1996: New president: Ricardo Gomes, UEFA Cup Winners' Cup winner

1997: UEFA Cup Winners' Cup finalist (lost against Barcelona) 

1998: New president: Artur Jorge, Alain Giresse, Coupe des France (French Cup) winner, Coupe de la Ligue winner, Trophée Des Champions winner

1999: New president: Phillippe Bergeroo

2000: New president: Luis Fernandez

2001: UEFA Intertoto Cup winner 

2002: New uniform dark blue/ white red white red horizontal line in center

2003: New president: Vahid Holilhodzic

2004: Coupe des France (French Cup) winner

2005: New uniform: previous (light blue/ white red white red horizontal line in center), New president: Laurient Fournier

2006: April 11: New owner: Colony Capital (American funds), Butlre Capital Partners (French funds), Morgan Stanley (American bank), New president: Guy Lacombe, Coupe des France (French Cup) winner

2007: New president: Paul Le Guen


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