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Tom Brady should be considered among the best ever at QB with his 5 Super Bowl rings and 4 MVPs.

Updated on February 27, 2017

Patriot's QB Tom Brady it seems is either loved or hated. Why? He has fame, height, good looks and a beautiful Brazilian model wife.

Brady also has five Super Bowl rings as well four of the biggest game's MVPs both are NFL records. Brady may go down as the NFL's greatest QB ever. At a minimum, many would agree he's an all-time Top 5 QB.

What a story for a tall man who attended the University of Michigan and entered the NFL in 2000 as a 6th round draft pick.

He and his head coach Bill Belichick have the work ethic and gel like no tandem before them. The NFL's 51st Super Bowl in Houston was just that; Super, in more ways than one. The 3-point favorite Patriots came back from being down by 25-points to win 34-28 in a first-ever OT Super Bowl.

In this year's Super Bowl at age 39, Brady put up huge numbers going 43 for 62 for 466-yards (a Super Bowl record) throwing two TDs and one pick.

Atlanta's high-powered offense who put up a NFL leading 540 points this season had a commanding 21-3 lead at halftime and looked unstoppable.

However, Bill Belichick who has the most playoff wins in NFL history with 25, made all the right halftime adjustments. In the 2nd half his team came storming back to tie the game and take it to overtime.

New England's defense came up big late in the 4th quarter, with Atlanta holding on to a 8-point lead, Patriots DT Grady Jarrett sacked Matt Ryan twice to knock them out of field goal range which would of iced the game.

A miracle Super Bowl catch by Julian Edelman kept the game alive late in the 4th quarter. The 10-play drive ended in a 2-yard TD score by White. It was Danny Amendola's 2-point conversion score that took the game into OT. Eight plays and 75-yards later it was White's third TD that earned the Patriots their 5th Super Bowl. What an incredible win it was.

New England's deserves a huge amount of credit for shutting down the Falcons in the 2nd half allowing them just seven points while they scored 25.

No doubt, you can call the Patriots a dynasty. Brady had another amazing season with 28 TDs and a mere 2 picks while throwing for 3554 yards. Amazing considering his missed the first four games due to the reinstatement of the "Deflate Gate" suspension. Brady is simply amazing considering his career #s are among the best ever to play the position with his 456 TDs and 61,582-yards lifetime thus far.

As for Bill Belichick, he's for sure right up their with Lomabardi with his 25 playoff wins and overall 262-125 record factoring in the playoffs.

You have wonder how much longer will this NFL best QB & Head Coach duo stay together considering they're 64 and 39 respectively and already have a handful of Super Bowl rings. Despite Brady's wife Giselle requesting he retire, Tom has already vowed to play on.

The odds are already out for who will win next season's Super Bowl and the Patriots are 5-1 favorites while the Browns and 49ers are the long shots at 150-1.


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    • Kathleen Cochran profile image

      Kathleen Cochran 11 months ago from Atlanta, Georgia

      Atlanta did what Atlanta does. We blow it. This was the cruelest way to lose because it looked like we couldn't. But you know what is worse than losing the Super Bowl - even like this? Not being there at all.