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Peyton Manning, Glad it is all over!

Updated on March 20, 2012

Thank god it is over!

I don't know how everyone else is feeling, but I for one am glad that Peyton Manning has made up his mind and taking the deal. I was getting a little tired of hearing about Peyton Manning every five minutes. I thought they were about to rename SportsCenter, ManningCenter. I couldn't believe on Saturday after all the March Madness basketball games to see the highlights of several of the games, and what was I stuck watching, someone being interviewed about what Peyton Manning is thinking and where he is working out. I can remember sitting there listening to some guy speculate about where Manning would go for around fifteen minutes. Then I went to the kitchen to make a sandwich because I figured when I was finished they would be done talking about Manning, but apparently when I was making my sandwich they crammed all the highlights of the day before in those five minutes. Then it was back to Manning. It was absolutely ridiculous! Now that it is over we can all get back to what is really important, March Madness.

Since everyone else is talking about Manning, I guess I will too.

Manning is a fantastic quarterback. He is an 11 time Pro Bowl selection, 4 time NFL MVP, and Super Bowl MVP. He has passed for 54,000 yards, and has thrown 399 touchdowns. He is the fastest quarterback to reach 50,000 yards and 4,000 completions. Now saying all of these things you have to wonder, what was going through the minds of the Colts when they let him go. He had an almost career ending injury to his neck, but knowing a player like Manning you knew he was going to fight to comeback.


Broncos + Manning = ??????

The Denver Broncos where a great team in 2011 but even though I am a big fan of Tim Tebow, I feel he may not be able to take them so far. The Broncos must of felt the same way and offered Manning a deal that most analysts are saying will be worth 95 million over five years. The Broncos are taking one heck of a leap of faith and we will all be awaiting football to see what will happen. Can Peyton Manning still get the job done? Will he be able to come back from his injury? Can he mess with the other Bronco offensive players? Can he post the same kind of statistics he did before the injury? Can he lead the Broncos to a Super Bowl? So many questions and around six months to go before any of them will be answered. I will be waiting patiently while I enjoy the rest of basketball season. If you have any answer to these questions, feel free to post.

What do you think will happen to Manning?

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