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Peaceful Paradise

Updated on January 25, 2011

Peaceful Paradise

           Have you ever come across an act of pure nature, a hidden oasis that only few know about? If you think about it the world holds many mysterious fetes of nature, such as Mount Everest, Niagara Falls, and the ever waking South American Rain Forest. These beauties of the world are great tourist attractions widely known around the world. It’s crazy to think about how these monstrous creations were created. The hot springs among these oases is a special and unique paradise; it possesses true beauty in the eye of its beholder. The hot springs are quiet yet mysterious, peaceful but entertaining, it truly is the ultimate paradise.

            Absolute silence, the only sounds are the brief whispers of the wind and the soft howl of the canyon. Quiet is key at the hot springs, it allows you to see the structure and complete beauty of its nature. The quietness creates an illusion of isolation, the solitary act of being by yourself though your not. Running water is the only noise that resonates in hot springs though its constant you never seem to notice it unless you listen very closely. The water is very mysterious though you find yourself losing track of time. The quiet stirs up the mystery of the hot springs.

            People are drawn to the mysteriousness. It is only a part of human nature for people to be fascinated by the world’s hidden paradises. There curiosity fuels there desire, to find an answer to there questions. The hot springs being very mysterious, and a true mystery of Mother Nature, creates its own image. People are drawn to its power. Location is a big part of its power. Hidden within the Mariana Mountains it’s almost impossible to find. You either have to be a local or know a local to find the location. This overall, creates the illusion of an oasis, a peaceful paradise secluded from the world. It’s an item of quality not found on a common map that is what makes it rather enjoyable. To know that this place you’ve come to enjoy off the map, makes it all the more fun to visit and explore. You want to understand the mystery that is the hot springs.

            Within this mystery chest of nature holds a hidden treasure to peace and relaxation. Surrounded by vegetation in every direction a natural shade from the sun is produced. Running water streaming through the hillside, and the sound of wildlife rummaging through the brush creates an ambiance. This settle yet calming environment allows for absolute relaxation. Shielded by the mountains natural curves sunlight is reflected by its edges allowing a soft luminance. Whether or not the weather is warm or cold the hot springs has something to relax everyone. Winters are warmed by the hot pools, these mysterious bodies of water that are heated through gas pockets. They lay buried under ground beneath the water that rests in the mountains ridges. Steam rising from these baths heats the air cleansing your nasal passages and relieving you of any sinuses. Summer is cooled by the icy river running down the mountains from winter’s toll, chilling your body from the deserts natural heat. People plow straight into these pools on hot summer days enjoying the rivers easy current and gentle flow relaxes every muscle. Pools upon pools of endless running fresh water, there’s something there for everyone. Whether you want to tan in the sun, or swim in the river; even bathe in the hot pools themselves, the hot springs allows you to do this in complete relaxation.

            Although the hot springs holds an element of relaxation; it also brings an entertaining vibe. People from all walks of the earth travel great distances to see this paradise and experience nature’s gift. Friends and family gather in this oasis to enjoy one’s company, and bask in the richness of the environment. Parties are often thrown in this habitat. It’s easy to see why, because the hot springs have scenic yet adventurous landscape which allows for multiple people to gather. Rock jumping is a favorite by the locals. The hot springs natural rock formations make it easy for divers to partake in a little juvenile fun. If you’re not up to jumping your self it’s always fun to watch others. There are many aspects of the hot springs that bring you enjoyment though. You can explore the nearby caves and trails. Search the waters for fish and other wildlife. Discover new coves and beaches. You can even build or add on to the hot springs natural environment, by building your own pools. Rock climbing is another favorite by the locals. It’s rather dangerous though and usually the only way down is to jump into the river. The trails in and around the hot springs also offer a wide variety of entertainment. Bike riders like to ride the trails to the hot springs that way when they arrive they have somewhere to cool off. A big practice at the hot springs that I’m not to fond of is Nudity. Yes, you heard right. Nudists like to indulge in there fun at the hot springs. It’s perfectly legal too because the land just so happens to be on private property. So whether you’re the adventurous type and enjoy diving and rock climbing or laid back more of an explorer type then the hot springs offer a tone of entertainment.

            The next time you’re asked if you’ve ever been to a hidden oasis you can gladly say yes. The hot springs are an unforgettable experience. My favorite place of all time to visit and enjoy is the hot springs. If the breath taking scenery and wildlife aren’t enough to spark your interest then what will. The hot springs are quiet and mysterious, peaceful but entertaining; the hot springs truly are the ultimate paradise a peaceful paradise.


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