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Penny Nickel Graphic Complete Skateboard: The pros and cons

Updated on April 22, 2016

The Penny Nickel Graphic complete Skateboard sports a very retro style that date back all the way to the 1970’s. Penny nickel skate boards are made by a company called “Penny Skateboards”. The company was founded in 2010 by a man named Ben Mackay. He named the company after his sister “Penny”. These boards are stylish and even glow in the dark. They are also highly sort after. But what are Penny Nickel Graphic Complete Skateboards, and why is there so much attention around them? Even more importantly, are they worth the money? In this review I aim to explain just that and help you make the difficult decision.

Let’s start off by explaining what exactly a penny board is. A Penny board is a broad term used to describe a series of boards ranging from many different sizes. Penny boards can range from 22-27 inches; this is what is referred to as the “Nickel”. They also tend to have a 36 inch long deck length. A penny board has two major purposes, commute and freestyling. Of all the boards in this category, the penny board seems to be the best selling one but why exactly is that?

The Pros:

The Penny board is perfect for getting you from point A to point B and can easily be carried around. It can also be the perfect substitution for a heavy long board in situations they aren’t needed. Being only 27 inches in length, this board can fit inside almost any back pack or locker. It is also very light, weighing in at a mere 4.4 lbs. this skateboard is extremely easy to carry around and can be especially convenient when arriving to an area where there’s no skateboarding allowed. They also come equip with “Kicktails”. Kicfktails take your Nickel board and transform it from a basic commuter to an all-out freestyler capable of doing depth defying tricks, and “ollie” being one of the he most popular done with this board.

For any rider, the most important thing about a skateboard is how it feels. And that’s one of the many reasons these Nickel boards are so popular among so many boarders. The decks of these penny boards are made out of a high quality custom plastic. The decks of these boards also carry a “Waffle top design”, this helps keep your feet planted on the board at all times. The custom plastic that the board is made from is also very durable; in fact, many believe them to be virtually indestructible. They can handle a high amount of damage including being run over by a car. The trucks on this board are also very strong. Made from cast aluminum, it comes out of the box exceptionally tuned and ready to go. The wheels on these Penny Boards are made out of plastic and are designed to be very hard. It has been rated with a hardness of 83A. They are perfectly suited for slightly rough areas and dirty asphalts. All of the features ensure that you will have your penny board for an extremely long time.

The Cons:

Nothing is perfect, and The Penny Nickel Graphic Complete Skateboard is no exception to this rule. One of the very features on the board that makes it stand out also hurts it a little. The glow in the dark feature while unique isn’t all the impressive. It’s hardly even noticeable on some boards. It is also very expensive; the price of these penny boards alone may drive some enthusiast away. On amazon they run anywhere from $71.99 - $999. For a skate board this is seems to be very steep. It also seems to have a problem with the grip tape coming off almost immediately upon first use, this however isn’t a common phenomenon, but it is something that should be considered.

These Nickel boards are true works of beauty and art, anyone would be lucky to have one. Its retro styling and various arrays of colors will make you stand out from the crowd in style. Made with an extremely sturdy plastic, this penny board is something that can last a life time. Penny Nickel Graphic Complete Skateboards are not without their flaws as there aren’t much people who are willing to drop almost a grand for a skateboard. Overall, This board is seems to be the best penny boards on the market and it’s price while steep, seems to be worth it


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