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Penny nickel skateboard

Updated on September 6, 2016

The one thing that can be said about the Penny nickel skate board is that it stands out in a crowd. With its vibrant array of beautiful colors schemes and 70’s retro styling, the nickel board can’t help but command the attention of all those in it vicinity. These boards disappeared of the market a few years ago, but no they’re back and ready to show the competition what they’re capable of. They reemerged in 2010 and since then, they have been receiving a lot of well-deserved attention. The Penny nickel skateboard is an obvious work of art it, however is not without its flaws. The price for this kind of quality is high! Too high for few, some question the boards price and aren’t sure if they are worth it or not. In this review I explore the pros and cons of the penny nickel skate board.

The Pros:

The nickel board boasts a length of 27 inches and a width of 6 inches making it very suitable the first skate board for any kid aspiring to be a pro boarder someday, or for those that just want to show off and appear a little stylish. The brand hails from Australia and comes assemble and ready to ride. These boards are very durable and are also easy to carry around in ones back pack due to it being so light. Each of the stock boards come equipped with different colored wheels and trucks that suit the deck.

The first thing one may notice before even stepping on a penny board is the fact that it doesn’t have any grip tape. It has a surface made from plastic and tends to be very slippery fresh out of the box. For many this is a turn off however, after a few uses the plastic on these nickel skateboards tend to become very rough thus making them easier to grip providing a more suitable experience for the rider. The fact that it comes without grip tape is also something that those who prefer to ride bare feet can enjoy. The plastic used on these nickel boards are so durable, that they feel as if they’re almost indestructible. They can easily handle any wooden step, being slammed against walls at very high speeds and there’s even a video on YouTube demonstrating its ability to handle being ran over by a car. The trucks on the penny nickel skateboard are made from a customized grade A 356 cast aluminum which are powder coated. They also offer 87A soft bushings which feel great and allows for an extraordinary loose and maneuverable feel when riding. Penny boards also steer quite nicely as well and offer a smooth ride. The wheels feel extremely soft and are well behaved on wet ground as well. Nickel boards are also very fast their aerodynamic shape allows for fast movement on any pavement with relative ease and were originally designed to feel like surfboards.


Despite being extremely hard to break, the board tends to scratch rather easily. In fact, scratching the Penny Nickel board almost feels as it’s an unavoidable part of the board’s life. This is because friction and plastic do not make a good combination. The deck on the penny nickel skate board is also very ridged instead of having the rubbery flex that is preferred by most borders. Another problem with this board is its high price, many boarders feel that the price you would spend on a penny board would be much better spent on a “Real skateboard” instead of a beginners board. Also the board itself while growing in popularity seems to also be developing many haters as well, having one of these can potentially make you a social pariah in the wrong crowd.


he Penny nickel skateboard is an amazing board. It’s durable as well as beautiful. With its retro styling and various color schemes, you’ll definitely be sure to stand out in a crowd. To make something this light and durable could have only been possible by using the latest in cutting edge technology. Penny nickel skateboards have been in the market for quite some years and have only gotten better with time. They have proven time and time again why they’re one of the top brands in the industry. Although Penny boards are not without their flaws, they’re still aren’t many brands in the industry that can provide the kind of quality that Penny nickel skateboards offer. It may have its fair share of haters and come at a high price, but for something this this unique and brilliant I feel it’s worth it.


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