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Perfect Basketball Shooting Form

Updated on December 23, 2014

Why is having good form is important?

If you never had a basketball coach that preached shooting, or just said that shooting form doesn't matter, whatever is comfortable is the best, then erase those thoughts. Good Shooting Form on your J gives you more power on your shot, more rhythm, more arc, and most importantly, makes it more deadly.

Most people use B.E.E.F for shooting, which means Balance, Eyes, Elbow, Followthrough, but that is outdated. Now to become a sniper, we need to use F.O.R.E.S.T. F-Finger, O-Off hand, R-rhythm and power (the Dip), E-the Eyes, S-Sweep and Sway, and T-the Turn

F - Finger

The Finger is a important component to the shot. It is when you use your index finger as the last finger to removed from the ball. Then you point your index finer UP AND THROUGH THE RIM and make it splash. Players that use this component are Kobe Bryant, Marco Belleneli, Pau Gasol, and many more,

To review:

  1. Put the index finger in CENTRE ON THE BALL.
  2. Shoot the basketball
  3. Put PRESSURE on your index finger and make it pinch with your thumb
  4. Put finger UP and THROUGH the rim

O - Off Hand

The Off Hand is a very significant reason many people's shooting form is ugly. The off hand doesn't play a major role in the shot, but a significant role in the looks of the shot.

When you shoot, make sure your fingers of your off hand are gently resting on the side of the ball, when you shoot, take off your off hand and extend it to be parallel with your shooting hand, BUT NOT PUSHING THE BALL! This will make your shot looks sexy and be accurate. Remember, DON'T USE YOUR OFF HAND TO SHOOT, just to HOLD the BALL in PLACE!

R - Rhythm

The rhythm component of shooting is very important. It is the DIP! Many coaches say the dip slows down a shot, but that is BS. The speed of your shot is dependant on your dip. Fast dip, fast shot. The dip makes your shot SMOOTH and every single time you shoot, you will have the same shooting form if you use the DIP. To DIP, you catch the ball and bring it down towards your hip area and back up right into your shot. Watch the video/GIF for your understanding.

E - Eyes

The Eyes component of shooting stand for E in FOREST. The eyes are crucial, because where you look is where the ball will go. If you look at the floor you wont make a bucket, ever. To perform the EYES component, you need to aim your release hand or your INDEX FINGER up and through the rim, and then watch the flight of the ball. This is important to see how you missed and to fix your mistake next time, or for your body to remember how you make the shot, to emulate it next time.

S - Sweep and Sway

The Sweep and Sway is what makes your shot powerful, and makes it look sexy. Every single good or great shooter uses the sweep and sway, with a couple of exceptions. The Sweep and Sway is when you shoot a jump shot, and while you're in the air, you kick your legs out a little and your shoulder relax backwards. This removed tension from the shoulders and adds arc and power to the shot.

To perform:

  1. While in the shot, relax your shoulders backwards
  2. Feet should naturally go forwards
  3. Make it splash

T - Turn

The Turn is when you're shooting a J, and you end up with your feet turned 45% to the side. Not squared up, not straight, but turned! Many coaches will tell you to square up, but they are stupid. Every great shooter turns, with just some teeny exceptions like Mike Dunleavy. The reason for turning is so your body is better aligned to the basket, meaning more makes.

To perform:

  1. Shoot a shot, you can start squared up or turned, but turned is more effective
  2. Turn a little bit in the air to your off hand side, where it feels comfortable

Shooting Poll

Who do you think has the sexiest shooting form in the NBA?

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