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Petra Majdic - Slovenia

Updated on August 4, 2011

Petra Majdic - cross country skiing

Petra Majdic was born on 22. December 1979. She is the most successful Slovenian competitor in cross country skiing.

So far she has already won 20 times in World Cup races, won a silver medal at the World Championships in Sapporo in 2007 and a bronze medal at the Winter Games olympic games in 2010 (with broken ribs) and two small crystal globes for winning the sum of sprints.

Petra Majdic has been selected three times for athlete of the year in Slovenia: 2006, 2007 and 2009

Petra Majdic on the podium

Season 2010/11

This season Petra Majdic allready won three races. She won Individual sprint in classic at 1.2 km in Obersdorf (Germany), individual sprint freestyle at 1.3 km in Toblach (Italy) and individual sprint classic at 1.2 km in Otepaa (Estonia).

Petra Majdic also won bronze medal in indivudal sprint at World Championship this year in Oslo.

Season 2009/10

In the Olympic seaos 2009/10 Petra Majdic won four eaces before Olympic games: individual sprint freestyle in Davos (Switzerland), individual prologoue freestxle  and individual sprint classic in Oberhof (Germany) and individual 10 km classic in Val di Fiemme in Italy.

On the Olympic games she won a bronze medal in sprint, but she injured herself there at the warm up. She had to drop the other half of the season.

Season 2008/09

In the season 2008/09 Petra Majdic won altogether 9 races: Individual sprint clasic in Kuusamo (Finland), sprint freestyle in Davos (Switzerland) and Dusseldorf (Germany), individual sprint classic in Otepaa (Estonia), freestyle in Valdidentro (Italy) and Lahti (Finland), individual sprint classic and 30 km classic in Trondheim (Norway) and sprint in classic at the World Cup finale in Stockholm (Sweden).

This year she also won sprint world cup and she was second overall.

Petra Majdic after final race in olympic games in Vancover 2010 - she caolapsed with borken ribs.
Petra Majdic after final race in olympic games in Vancover 2010 - she caolapsed with borken ribs.
Petra Majdic - bronze medal
Petra Majdic - bronze medal

Petra Majdic in Vancouver 2010

The story of a willpower: She fell of the road by decline in warm up and she broke several ribs.

She said after the race, that after the accident, she tought it was everything over. She said, that the pain was so big, that she couldn't walk, move or even breath.

But she wanted to go on the start and she started in the last aquarter final group instead of first.

However, with great power of will she reached the finals, where she won third place and the bronze medal. A medical examination after the race showed the pneumothorax - punctured lungs.

Petra Majdic - bronze in Vancouver

Interview with Petra Majdic

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    • robDave profile image

      robDave 7 years ago from Slovenia

      She is my favourite winter discipline sportswoman.