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Philadelphia 76ers Future Doesn't Look Good

Updated on August 21, 2016
Here is a picture of Ben Simmons shotting the basketball
Here is a picture of Ben Simmons shotting the basketball | Source

The Philadelphia 76ers 2016 to 2017 Season Does Not Look Good

By: Kush K

“The hard work is what got me here – playing with that grit, that toughness.” Kris Dunn, of the Minnesota Timberwolves, said this on the day he got drafted into the National Basketball Association. This quote could probably sum up what most of the new draftees were thinking when they were being selected in the NBA 2016 Draft, this summer. The team with the first pick in the draft, Philadelphia 76ers, chose Ben Simmons, a twenty-year-old Australian out of LSU. Ben Simmons is going to play for the worst team in the National Basketball Association. Their record last season was 10 (Wins)-70 (Losses). It is obvious that even with Simmons the Philadelphia 76ers will have a bad 2016-2017 season because of the type of player Ben is, his overall impact on the team, and his actions and attitude on and off the court.

Ben Simmons is a good basketball player, but his skills and stats are not the things that the Philadelphia 76ers really need. At college, he was putting up “eye-popping numbers... {and} showing off advanced playmaking skills with exceptional athleticism,” (Davis 1). This quote shows that he plays very well, and deserves to be the number one pick in the recent NBA draft. But on the contrary, his stats are something that the Philadelphia 76ers don’t really need. He grabs an average of 7.5 rebounds per game, gets 5.4 assists per game and only scores 8 points per game. His rebounding is fine, but it could improve and the same thing with his assists. The problem comes down to the points per game. On his team, the highest scorer averages 17.5 points a game, which would place him at the 33th spot out of the NBA players according to ESPN. This being said, he needs to become a shooter on his team to be any good. All the previous stated evidence shows that Ben Simmons is not going to be too much of a help but, there are still pluses that come with his traits. His team’s overall shooting percentage is about 30%-38% (estimated). This shows that Simmons’ rebounding skills will be needed. Also, he could use his passing skills when trying to find an open teammate which could help with the total points scored in a game. But even with all of that, the Philadelphia 76ers future next season does not look too promising.

The next aspect of Ben Simmons is his attitude and actions on and off the court. Over the previous summer, he made some bad comments towards Lebron James saying that, “...[he] was looking forward to finally matching up against him in the preseason.” This was a sign of disrespect to Lebron James so all he did was, “...flipped the camera, and it was the championship trophy, so I couldn’t say anything back.” This part shows that Lebron didn’t appreciate Ben Simmons thinking too fondly of himself. Another reason that supports Ben Simmons’s bad attitude is how he missed the National Basketball Association Draft combine. Simmons’s actions here shows that he either thinks he is too good for training or working hard. In addition to that, Ben Simmons did not play in most games of the Las Vegas Summer League. Instead, he showed off and signed autographs. Many commentators and writers say that “Ben Simmons has bust written all over him,” (Cataldi 1). With Ben Simmons’s attitude among other things, it does not seem like the Philadelphia 76ers will have a good upcoming season.

Ben Simmons is chilling with the fans instead of playing basketball.
Ben Simmons is chilling with the fans instead of playing basketball. | Source

Those opposed to the Philadelphia 76ers having a bad season may say that at this point in time, the team has good chemistry which might help it win more games so that they can have a good season. That may be true for a few players, but those who know the team can tell people that their two best players, Nerlens Noel and Jahlil Okafor, do not go well together. This is because, “The two big men offer very different skill sets – Noel, the No. 6 pick in 2013, is an athletic shot-blocker and defender, while Okafor, the No. 3 pick in 2015 is a polished scorer who struggles defensively,” (Bontemps, 1). Statistics also show that when the Noel and Okafor play together, their team is outscored by 263 points. This is why there is no chance that the Philadelphia 76ers will have a good season.

To conclude, even with Ben Simmons as their new draft pick, the Philadelphia 76ers will have a bad season in 2016-2017 because of Ben Simmons's stats, skills, and overall impact with his new team as well as his actions and attitude on and off the basketball court. The first point is made in the paragraph which shows that the Philadelphia 76ers needs more scorers, but Ben Simmons won't be able to provide that. The second paragraph shows that the way Ben Simmons acts, shows that he may not be dedicated to the game, or ready to play. But, along with the point of the 76ers having a bad next season, they may just be trying to acquire young talent so that in the future they will be good.

These are just five players of the Philadelphia 76ers basketball team.
These are just five players of the Philadelphia 76ers basketball team. | Source

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