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Phillbert's Fishing Report... 5-10-12 & 5-11-12

Updated on May 14, 2012

Due to a seemingly somewhat high demand for my fishing stories and pictures...

Here is a recap of my most recent fishing experiences. The first day a buddy and I had gone to eat lunch and randomly decided afterward to go throw the kayaks in. The weather was nice and the sun was shining brightly. We threw them in the creek behind my house and began working our way upstream. The fish were biting pretty well, but I had a spot I was dying to try so we worked our way up stream through the calm deeper waters until we reached an area where we couldn't go any further and docked on a gravel bar. The area I had in mind is where the water is really shallow with a fast moving current that pours in to deeper water in an equally fast moving current. This area turns in to the calmer deep waters we had paddled up through. Leaving our kayaks parked on the shore we walked out in the middle of the shallow current and cast down in to the deeper fast moving water.

A nice little fish I pulled out of the first spot.
A nice little fish I pulled out of the first spot.

For those that don't know, smallmouth bass love a strong current. I've seen huge smallmouth caught out of shallow fast moving water. Areas with a strong current that are deep work wonderful for catching smallmouth bass. This particular day we didn't catch anything enormous out of this spot, but we did catch numerous smallmouth. Pretty much every time we cast we were pulling something out.

After a while we decided to move up stream a little further to an area that has two fallen trees with large root balls on both sides of the water. This area has a unique set up. The water coming in to the area is waist deep and fairly swift. This part of the creek pushes right up to one of the root balls. On the other side is a gravel bar and the second root ball sits just on the end of the gravel bar creating a deep pool.

I should really take pictures of the scenery. It would be a lot easier than trying to describe.

This is where we spent the majority of our time fishing. I caught three pretty large fish in the area. There lengths were around 15, 14, and 13 inches. My crude measuring apparatus on the side of my kayak isn't very accurate so that is why I say approximate.

My friend actually caught a hog sucker on a worm. I have never seen that happen before. I don't know what the deal is, but the sucker fish seem to be after worms this year.

After a while we worked our way slowly back down stream and caught several more fish. I'm not sure how many we actually caught that day, but if it had been for survival we could have eaten for a week.

My friend's hog sucker
My friend's hog sucker

The following day another buddy and I repeated the process.

Again the fish were biting good on the way back up stream. Again we stopped at the same spot. Again we didn't catch anything huge in the fast current but we did catch a lot of fish. We also went up to the rootball and caught a lot of really good fish.

My friend found a spot on one of the root balls that produced a goggle eye with every cast. After several he moved on and a few minutes later I cast in the same spot. I caught several more. I recently published a hub about fishing for goggle eye and how fun it can be. It doesn't compare to catching a big small mouth but they are really fun. We both fished it off and on continuing to catch them with every cast. You can occasionally find a spot where there seems to be unlimited goggle eye. Goggle eye have a tendency to stick together so if you catch one there is often many more.

I caught a few more big smallmouth and this buddy caught another hog sucker. Another one!!!! I couldn't believe it. That is five sucker fish that one of us have caught this year. Prior to this year neither I nor anyone I fish with has ever caught one off of a worm before. Maybe it is more common than I am aware of, but it's something I've never experienced before.

On our way back down I parked my kayak in the middle of the quick current again, but this time actually just stayed in the boat to cast a few times while my friend caught up. On my first cast I caught a decent fish. On my second cast I caught a big one. I wasn't able to measure him because I was sitting in the boat and don't have enough hands, but he was certainly a big fella!

I'm not sure how many fish we caught that day but.... It was a lot.

My friend took his son to the same spot again the following day, and they caught several more really good fish.


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