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Phiten Titanium Tornado Necklaces and Professional Athletes; What's the Deal?

Updated on September 28, 2012
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I have to admit, I have watched more baseball in the last three weeks than I have in my entire life, combined. Ever since my local Dallas team (--The Texas Rangers, you may have heard of them --) made it to the World Series, I've been following all the games. Mind you, it's not so much that a deep-seated love of the All-American Sport just sprouted all of a sudden, but has more to do with the fact that the love of my life is a die-hard fan and I decided that I'd rather watch the games with him than not see him for two weeks...(which could quite possibly explain how many women start suddenly watching sports after an entire life of disinterest?)

Anyhow, as a jewelry designer, I couldn't help but notice that a large number of players, coaches, and fans were wearing the same kind of colorful twisted necklaces, in their appropriate team colors, of course. After I first noticed them on TV during the World Series, I started to notice people all over the place wearing them too--kids, adults, everyone! So my curiosity got the best of me and I had to see just what exactly was the deal with those necklaces!

Phiten's Explanation of how this product works

Phiten Titanium Tornado Necklaces; Here's the Deal!

It turns out that they are made by a Japanese company called Phiten, and there are many different styles of necklaces -- the Titanium 'Tornado' (twisted) style being the one I see most often -- and they also make bracelets, athletic tape, and various body support pieces like ankle wraps or elbow sleeves. All these things are made of a fabric which is interlaced with titanium and supposedly enhance performance and ease aches and pains through 'rebalancing' ions in the body to 'facilitate the proper flow of energy'.

Well! That is NOT what I was expecting. To me, in all honesty, they looked like necklaces made from scraps of t-shirts and braided together, presumably by the players' kids. NOPE! In fact, Phiten's website claims that the reason hundreds of professional athletes from a wide variety of sports use their products because they also increase flexibility, relieve joint and muscle pain, reduce fatigue, improve circulation, and ease discomfort.

Although not a scientist myself, I'd say that these claims are not necessarily proven to be true, but some who wear the necklaces swear by them! I'd be willing to bet that it's more of a good luck charm for most of the Major Leaguers, seeing how baseball is known for being so superstitious. But regardless of whether or not these Phiten Titanium Tornado Necklaces actually enhance performance, the fact is that they are everywhere. If you've seen them and were wondering what the heck was up with them like I was, now you know!

on Amazon
on Amazon | Source

Where to Buy Phiten Titanium Tornado Necklaces

If you want to jump on the bandwagon and show some team spirit, you can purchase a genuine Phiten brand official MLB Tornado necklace in your choice of colors directly from the Phiten website for $50, or places like Academy Sports, but I generally find that there are better deals to be had by checking Amazon (see above top right) or eBay (just above right) first.

This image directly to the right is sold by Phiten on Amazon; they give you the option to customize your colors and text if you don't find one ready made that you like! Click the link in the caption if you want to see that item in particular.

You will notice on Amazon and eBay that there are many off-brands for much lower prices, which don't tend to make claims about their products increasing athletic ability though they are often made with titanium as well. They are usually just called 'Titanium Baseball Necklaces', and they look very similar, so if you are trying to buy the brand name, make sure you double check before you buy, otherwise go ahead and get an even greater deal!

Ex Texas Rangers' C J Wilson endorses Phiten

Ok, so all that Baseball wasn't so bad...

Now, I have to say, to my complete surprise, and despite the devastating loss to the Cardinals, I actually enjoyed watching all the games. Although quite stressful at times, namely the 8th and 9th innings, it was great to be a part of the buzz surrounding local history-in-the-making. And I'm not being a smart-ass when I say, it's still pretty amazing for a team to be the second best in the entire league, because there are so many teams that didn't even get that far. Right?? Or is that too much of a glass-half-full way to look at it...I don't know.

Thanks for reading! You may also be interested in some of my other articles.

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