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Pick Up Basketball Tips

Updated on March 8, 2011

Pick Up Basketball Tips

This is an article I found in Men's Health, thought it could help you guys out looking to have a quick advantage against your friends when you play some Sunday hoops!

Play Smarter Hoops

Pickup basketball can be flashy, but there's little teamwork. When researchers at California State University at Bakersfield taped pickup games, they found that 92 percent of offensive players were solo drives, cuts, or screen.

Most Common Pickup Plays

  • Set Screen - Picks set either for ball handler or other player (used 14.3%)
  • Cut - A quick move to the basket to receive a pass (used 36.8%)
  • Drive - Dribble drives without a screen (used 41.3%)

Best Underused Pickup Plays

  1. The give-and-go - Ball handler passes to wing or post (the "give") and immediately cuts to the basket for a return pass. Why it works: The ball handler's defender often reaches for he pass and is out of position to guard him when he cuts.
  2. The pick-and-roll - A player sets a screen for the dribbler, forcing defenders to switch. The screener turns to his teammate, and rolls to the basket for a return pass. Why it works: After the switch, the screener's new defender is out of position.


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