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Pictures of CHIKARA at the Mid Atlantic Sportatorium; Burlington, NC

Updated on March 20, 2013

Check out some pictures of CHIKARA Wrestling taken at the Mid Atlantic Sportatorium in Burlington, North Carolina.

I prefer taking pictures with pocket-sized cameras that people carry every day, rather than large and expensive set-ups. Due to the low speed of the Kodak Zi8 I used for this event, some of the pictures have a slight blur. However, some of the pictures are amazing, proving that you can take a good shot with any kind of camera. You don't need a professional grade camera to enjoy photography.

Click any picture to view it at a larger size.

Jigsaw Vs. Obariyon


Jigsaw was the fans' favorite for this match. He largely dominated the match, taking out Obariyon.


Obariyon played it tough, but didn't offer Jigsaw much of a fight.


Jigsaw goes for a win by submission.

Jigsaw controled most of the match and ultimately won.


Jigsaw attacks with his flying skills.

Below: This is one of my favorite shots from the event. It is fairly clear and the subjects show a lot of energy. Obariyon's face speaks a thousand words. Don't be afraid to take pictures with your phone or whatever you have. You can always delete the bad ones.


Icarus Vs. Hallowicked

Right: Hallowicked goes for a submission.

Icarus and Hallowicked ran an energetic, fast-paced match. I wasn't able to get many pictures that came out clear enough to post. Sometimes you just have to fire away and hope for the best. I got a couple of pics that were decent.

Below: Icarus is a good heel, he is a real tool; he made me want Hallowicked to win the match. Ultimately, Icarus claimed victory, in spite of Hallowicked's slight advantage in size and strength.


Kana Vs. Jesse McKay


Jesse stood in for Madison Eagles against Kana. Jesse was little more than a diva. She got in a few good moves, but Kana dominated the match and secured victory. Jesse largely played the crowd for sympathy.


Kana smacked the taste out of Jesse McKay's mouth.


Jesse fought her way to a few pin attempts.


Kana had her way with Jesse for most of the match, dominating her with a variety of holds. Ultimately, Kana took a victory by submission.

Above, Right and Below:

Jesse tried her best but was no match for Kana. She sold the match well and got the crowd's sympathy.

Kana walked away with the win and got a good crowd reaction.

Eddie Kingston Vs. Kobald


Eddie Kingston used his size and strength advantage to dominate the match against Kobald, despite being double-teamed by an outside opponent. Kodama constantly interfered in the match to support his Batiri teammate, Kobald.


Eddie Kingston beckons Kobald to attack. Eddie had control of the entire match.


My favorite shot of the night. Check out the air Kodama got off the ring post on his way to flatten Kingston.

Mike Quackenbush Vs. Sara Del Rey


Lightning Mike, the "Man of a Thousand Holds" wasn't at all shy about punishing Sara Del Rey with a variety of submission holds, and wisely worked repeatedly on her knee.


Sara stood up to everything "Quack" could put on her and dealt out plenty of punishment of her own. They don't call her "Sara Death Rey" for nothin'

Below: Mike gets the wrong end of a boot.

Above & Right:

Sara is a strong competitor and refused to submit during many painful holds. Ultimately, Lightning Mike's strategic work on her knee became more than she could take.


Don't let her cute appearance outside of the ring fool you. Sara Del Rey is a strong and skilled competitor who is here to fight and to win. She is no diva. Men and women alike need to watch out if the "Death Rey" gets pointed in their dirrection.

4 on 4: BDK Vs. The Colony w/ Ophidian


At times, this 4 on 4 tag team contest looked like a full on street brawl. Utter chaos.


The BDK used teamwork and illegal tactics to keep Ophidian in the ring where they could quadruple team him.


Cut off from tagging members of the colony, Ophidian took an insane amount of punishment, but was still able to lead an offense against the BDK.


Tursus smashes Fire Ant with a powerful suplex, while brawling ensues outside the ring.


Total chaos with all eight men in the ring. Soldier Ant, Fire Ant, Green Ant, Ophidian, Tursus, Delierious, Jakob Hammermeier, and Tim Donst. Ophidian was a last minute replacement for Jesse McKay, who was originally scheduled to team up with The Colony. That would have been tragic, as this match was incredible and Ophidian was clearly the star. Jesse was pulled at the last minute to replace Madison Eagles against Kana.

Below: Delerious is anxious as Ophidian attacks Tursus.

Below: The BDK kept Ophidian away from the colony and took turns laying on the punishment.

Below: Delerious explodes with rage as he gives the battered Ophidian a powerful knee.

Below: Thanks to his skill and resiliency, Ophidian escapes from the BDK to let The Colony into the ring.


Ultramantis Black Vs. Archibald Peck

Right: Ultramantis Black brings Archibald Peck some elbows to help his rhythm.

I only managed one worthwhile shot of Ultramantis and "Marchie Archie". I was conserving battery power for the main event, and many of the shots of this match were too blurry to use. Win some, lose some. Speaking of which, Ultramantis Black won this one, despite interference from Archie's mascots.

Team FIST Vs. Osaska Pro

Above: Daisuke Harada of Osaka Pro has a flying fist for Johnny Gargano.


Johnny Gargano flies at Daisuke Harada.


Chuck Taylor introduces Daisuke to Johnny's boot.


Daisuke Harada gives Johnny Gargano a vicious elbow. Atsushi Kotoge and Daisuke Harada of Osaka Pro fought well and dominated part of the match. However, Team FIST members Johnny Gargano and Chuck Taylor ultimately won the match.


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