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Pier Fishing at Sunset

Updated on December 4, 2014

Pier Fishing At Sunset

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Beautiful Pier At SunsetA Beautiful Pier At SunsetI love this picture of the pier at sunset with the birds. Don't you just love this photo of the pier at sunset. I love watching the sun go down over the ocean. Sunset looking out at the pier. I like the colors in this sun set at the pier photo.
Beautiful Pier At Sunset
Beautiful Pier At Sunset | Source
A Beautiful Pier At Sunset
A Beautiful Pier At Sunset | Source
I love this picture of the pier at sunset with the birds.
I love this picture of the pier at sunset with the birds. | Source
Don't you just love this photo of the pier at sunset. I love watching the sun go down over the ocean.
Don't you just love this photo of the pier at sunset. I love watching the sun go down over the ocean. | Source
Sunset looking out at the pier.
Sunset looking out at the pier. | Source
I like the colors in this sun set at the pier photo.
I like the colors in this sun set at the pier photo. | Source

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Fishing Tournament Folly Beach Fishing Pier

Huge Red Drum Caught At The Folly Beach Fishing Pier

Pier Fishing At Sunset

The Time You Fish Is Very Important At A Lot Of Fishing Piers

I've always loved fishing the piers at sunset, especially the ones in South Carolina at sunset. I usually have great results if I fish one hour before sunset and one hour after sunset. You need to keep in mind that fish are migratory and you need to learn everything you can about any particular fishing pier. Most fishing techniques will work at almost any fishing pier as long as you do your research and learn what type of fish your going to be fishing for.

How To Catch Sheephead At A Fishing Pier.

In South Carolina and St Augustine Florida the Sheephead can be particularly hard to catch until you learn how to catch them. Sheephead are notorious at stealing bait. I lost so many fish over the years until I learned how to catch them. I usually use either blood worms or live shrimp and I sew my bait on the hook with black sewing thread and tie it off through the eye of the hook. Once I learned to do that I started catching Sheephead. Before that the fish had robbed me blind. An old African American gentleman from Charleston South Carolina was the one that taught me all about the fish and exactly how to catch them with out them stealing my bait. Sheephead will quite often take live shrimp or blood worms right around sunset.

Be Prepared When You Go Fishing At A Fishing Pier.

If your going to be fishing on a pier you need sun screen, bug repellant, a wide brimmed hat, and polarized sunglasses. You want to be sure to apply the sunscreen to any exposed skin. The sun especially in summer in places like South Carolina or Florida can burn you badly before you know it.

You may or may not have a bug problem on fishing piers but you'll be glad to have the bug repellant with you if you do. A wide brimmed hat will help to protect you from the sun. The polarized sun glasses will make it possible for you to spot fish in the water below the pier.

Know What Bait You Need Before You Go Fishing At A Fishing Pier.

You need to do research and learn what type of fish are likely to be in the water under the pier when you go fishing. Naturally there has to be water under the pier for you to go fishing. At most piers the best fishing time will be from about an hour before high tide until about a hour after high tide. If you can match this time up to the time of sunset you just may be in for an excellent fishing experience.

Watch for birds diving into the water around the pier and fish where you see birds. Almost always the fish will be where you see the birds. If you see gulls or terns feeding its likely the fish are there also.

You should always fish the breakwater and if you see cloudy water meeting clear water fish right where they meet to catch fish. A lot of people don't do it but you should try fishing straight down. Fish like to stay near the pier where they feel safe. If you put the right bait right near the pier a hungry fish just may go after it. In the summer time especially fishing around sunset or at night is the best time.

A Journal Can Be Very Important When Pier Fishing.

If you go to a pier fishing a lot you need you need to take a journal with you each time you go fishing and you need to make careful detailed notes. You also need to learn everything you can from the local fishermen about what they catch on a regular basis and what they use for bait. You must make careful notes and you need to sketch the pier with notes of where you caught fish and what you used to catch that fish.

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Folly Beach South Carolina Fishing Pier

Pier Fishing At Sunset

What you will need for fishing at sunset won't be that different from any other time of the day. You will need a sturdy rod with 12 - 50 pound test line on it so you'll be able to reel in what you catch. And the bait is the important thing when fishing on any pier. Almost all fishing piers will have a tackle shop where you can buy bait and in almost every case they will be selling the bait you need to use to catch fish on that particular pier.

Be Sure Your Using The Proper Bait

But if your going after specific types of fish you'll have to have the bait that the particular fish you are trying to catch will bite. Certain fish prey upon certain types of bait. Fish like the sea trout will hit on live shrimp better than any other bait. Sheepshead like blood worms, fiddler crabs, and live shrimp. You have to use specific baits if your going to be fishing for a specific type of fish.

Sunset Is A Popular Time At Most Piers

Sunset is a popular time to fish at most piers. Especially in the warmer summer months. Show up at the pier at least thirty minutes to a hour before sunset so you can find a place, set up and get your bait in the water. I usually walk around before I put my bait in the water and ask people already there what they are catching or trying to catch. Some people will give you valuable information and some people will tell you very little.

You Need To Know The Proper Time To Fish At A Pier

The best time to fish on any pier is when the tide is going from low tide to high tide. If sunset cooperates with the tide you stand a great chance of catching fish. If the tide is going low a lot of some piers will be out of the water and fast out rushing tides can mess with your bait and lines and keep you from catching any fish. In this case the only chance you have is out on the end of the pier. In this case you can try the end of the pier or you can come back another day. If you live close to the pier your going to want to buy a tide chart and plan for those days when the tide is going from low tide to high tide at sunset. If you'll do this you'll have success.

You Need To Know The Best Place To Fish At A Particular Pier

Some piers will have kelp beds or reefs along the side of the pier and you need to learn about these because they can be great places to catch fish. Always keep in mind that small fish are preyed upon by larger fish. Fish follow troughs to look for prey dislodged by breaking waves so fish the breaks. You really will need to self educate yourself about any pier before you catch the big fish. The more you can learn about any particular pier the better your chances will be that you'll catch fish and in time you'll be the one catching the big fish.

The best ways to fish from a pier is to either fish on the bottom or to let your bait drift with the tide. If your bait is going to drift I strongly suggest using large clear floats so you won't spook the fish and the clear float will keep your bait up in the water where the hungry fish can see it. If your going to catch more fish you need to have plenty of bait and you need to change your bait often to make sure that your bait is fresh.

Be Sure To Keep Talking And Loud Music To A Minimum

Be sure to keep loud noises like talking and music to a minimum. You would be really surprised to know how far sound can travel under water. And sound, especially loud sounds do spook fish.

Venice Florida Sunset At The Pier

Pier Fishing At Sunset

If your going fishing on a pier at sunset one of the first things you need to do is to find out what hours the pier is open. Some piers close at sunset especially in the cooler months and in the wintertime. Call ahead to find out the hours of operation.

Use Courtesy When Fishing On A Pier

A lot of the time where you fish along a pier will go a long way towards determining what type of fish you will be catching. You also need to practice courtesy. If someone catches a big fish you should reel your line in if you are beside them so their line doesn't get tangled with theirs. Also never cast across someones line. If a person is catching fish in their spot and your not don't try to crowd them trying to have better luck. Instead watch them and you may learn valuable pier fishing information.

If your particular pier is always crowded at sunset try going fishing there at sunup or as soon after sunup as you can. Again keep in mind the tide should be going from low tide to high tide for you to have the best success. Daybreak and sunset are the best two times of the day to catch fish on a pier. Sure you may catch fish at other times of the day but those are the best times.

Live Bait Will Almost Always Be Your Best Bait

Live bait will always be best for pier fishing but your going to have to spend time learning how to fish the live bait from a pier. You need to talk to fishermen on the pier and in the tackle shop if they have one to see how you need to rig your tackle for fishing live bait. You may have to spend time finding a place to purchase live bait to use fishing on the pier if live bait is not sold on the pier. In the summer you can often find and capture fiddler crabs just be sure its legal to catch them in your area. Fiddler crabs are an excellent bait to use on most piers.

One of the biggest things a lot of people miss is that you must find the best fishing spots along any pier. If you see people fishing over and over in one particular part of the pier there is a reason for this. Don't try to take over someones fishing spot but take the next spot down from them. Watch what they are doing and if they are catching fish try to see what bait they are fishing with. And you also need to see how they have their hook and sinkers rigged. If they are catching fish try to copy what they are doing and you just may find yourself catching fish to.

If the pier has hard benches you may want to invest in a cushion or two to set on. I tie my cushions with a piece of sturdy twine so I don't accidentally drop the cushion into the water. I take a cooler with drinks, sandwiches, and other snacks and I take a five gallon bucket for my fish. I also have needle nose pliers, regular pliers, and extra hooks and sinkers. I have a cart I load everything on and I roll all my stuff out to my fishing spot. I even have a couple of extra chairs and a big umbrella. Yes you could say I go prepared and I usually catch lots of fish especially on piers that I am familiar with.

Keeping A Journal Is Very Important

I keep telling people that they need to keep a journal and they need to take careful detailed notes so you can refer back to them in the future.

I hope you found the information here on Pier Fishing at Sunset helpful. If you have comments or questions feel free to post them below.

Please Post Your Comments Or Questions Now. And Thanks For Reading.

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    • crazyhorsesghost profile imageAUTHOR

      Thomas Byers 

      5 years ago from East Coast , United States

      Thanks Shyron. I do stay busy.

    • Shyron E Shenko profile image

      Shyron E Shenko 

      5 years ago from Texas

      We use to go fishing from the bridge in Winnaconni Wisconsin. Those were fun times. I am surprised that you have time for all the things that you do and then to write about them.

      Great hub

    • crazyhorsesghost profile imageAUTHOR

      Thomas Byers 

      5 years ago from East Coast , United States

      Thanks for the comment. I love fishing piers at sunset.

    • Eiddwen profile image


      5 years ago from Wales

      A wonderful share ; I often go fishing with my partner and could relate to this hub.

      Have a wonderful weekend.



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