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Pigskin Pick'Em: How to Make Your Picks

Updated on October 4, 2011

Pigskin Pick'Em: What Is It?

Love football? Love fantasy sports? Think you have the knowledge to combine them? Well, fantasy games truly do not come much easier than this. Pigskin Pick'Em is a fantasy football game in which you decide which team will win out of the weeks NFL matchups. So, if you continually pick the winners of these matchups just to brag to your friends, then why not take this knowledge and put it to the test? Not only are bragging rights involved, but you also have the oppurtunity to earn a pretty cool prize; how about a $1,500 Best Buy gift card? It's worth a shot; the entry is free and the game is fun and competitive.

There are two types of entries you can make for Pigskin Pick'Em: the general entry that just involves picking the winners, and spread entry for the pickers with a little more ice in their blood. Either way, you can pick to do both types of entries, as each single person is permitted three entries. So, pick what you think will work out best for you!

What conference is your favorite football team in?

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Competitive? Form A Group!

For those people who love make a competition out of everything and love to hold on to bragging rights, then perhaps creating a group for you and your friends is right for you. You can create your own password-protected private group or join a random public group.

In private groups, you have the option to personalize your group: private or public, spread or non-spread, logos, images, and other settings that can make your group unique. Private groups and public groups are still part of the national rankings, they just allow you to keep track of you and your friends rankings in a single place.

Making Picks: Streak Beasts

Obviously, the most important part of this game is making picks. While you may believe that making picks based off of your guts or who your favorite team is, it is always great to put in a little research. Team and player statistics play a huge role when picking what team will when, especially when some of these stats scream for a pick.

Now, let's get real: no one really likes researching, even if it is for the great sport of football. Well, what if I told you that all the research and stats can be found in one place? I have been playing this fantasy sports games and others and always turn to The Streak Beasts for my sports stats, information, and predicted matchups. The group has it's own website that has stats, chat rooms, predicted winners of games, and other extras. And did I mention prizes? The site is free to use, but offers it's users monthly prizes!

Don't believe me? See for yourself.


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