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Pippen Was Better Then Michael And Here's Why

Updated on May 12, 2011

Here's the thing -- Michael Jordan might not be the best player of all time. Jordan had an early overhyped image with cable TV and the first rush of endorsers to the NBA thanks to Bird and Magic, and Jordan's image simply grew as the Bulls got better and better...due to Pippen getting better and better. Yes I said it, Pip made Mike. Yes Jordan's game was cute and he had a few circus shots that went in, but people are more into Michael because of his energy. That's what the big arm of industry is riding on. Everyone in the world got tired before Michael. How come nobody's putting his breakfast on any 40 foot billboards during the Olympics? Yes Jordan brought it every night, the big-mouthed, obnoxious ball hogging 15 for 60 shooter who needed to be slapped for how big a dork he was -- his continuous put downs and condescention like he's saved freaking Gotham, But that's Michael Jordan. He was good, but was also the leader of the team. Remember when Pippen was the leader in 1994? He brought it every night too. In fact I have a proposal for you -- Michael Jordan made 3 million a year from the Bulls for a long time while Pippen was making $2.3 million. How did they play after they signed these contracts? Jordan averaged about 30 points a game while Pippen averaged about 23. Jordan had 3 steals a game while Pippen had around 2ish. It's very possible that Pippen was simply HOLDING HIMSELF BACK, intentionally doing 23 parts to every 30 that Michael does when it came to everything! This might sound crazy, so I'm going to defend this point in a few ways.

1) You don't think Pippen intentionally holds things back? How about the crappy way he tips when he goes places? How do you know he didn't do the same thing out on the court this whole time?

2) Where's the incentive to really try as hard as Michael? Could you ever do ANYTHING for people to consider you more valuable then Michael Jordan? Conversely when journalists and opponents need someone to beat up both in the press and on the court, it's Pippen who was the target. You didn't look worse for attacking Pippen, but you did for attacking Michael. Pippen had a flat nose. And his physical traits made people say "well of course he'd be a good basketball player". Meanwhile Jordan was good-looking and had a very everyday body for a basketball player.

3) All too often, Jordan would lump Pippen in with the rest of those lowly busters from the Bulls when they would lose. if you're Pippen, that's like hearing the same freudian slip over and over again. Why try for this jerk?

4) We've already seen evidence that Pippen is a NICER teammate, is it fair to say he could have gotten them to play with him and for him a lot more enthusiastically then they would rally around Michael?

5) Pippen could do everything Jordan could do as far as finishing the break, and he could shut down point guards better then Michael.The year they won 72 games had 10 losses almost completely at the hands of a smaller, faster point guard Jordan couldn't stop such as Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf of Denver and Rex Chapman from Miami. Only Derek Harper, John Starks and Kevin Johnson ever got the better of Michael again for even a little while the way Dumars and Thomas did. The list goes on and on of guys Pippen could defend better then Michael.

6) How inspirational was that dunk on Ewing in the 94 playoffs? That was NAAAAAAASTY.

7) Migraine headaches hurt. Jordan never had to deal with one in a crucial situation. The stomach flu is nothing. Kids gets those. And with 1.8 seconds left, not a single person alive who's coming to work with 2% of Toni Kukoc's salary is suddenly going to bow down to him. Add to that, Pippen was mad because they WEREN'T giving him the ball. How many higher-paid, more respected and beloved players have we seen in NBA history, in this same situation, actually allow the coach to give the last shot to Robert Horry like a bunch of pansies and not have to pay any price?

8) If you made a commercial like the one Gatorade did -- "Like Pip, If I Could Be Like Pip", and Pippen had that to live up to, you would have seen a 39 and 44 point per game average.

9) Pippen slammed that ball in Washington and took the foul and hit the free throw and the Bulls swept Washington UHHHH!!!

Yeah that's all I have to say. Jordan was better I suppose, but that doesn't mean anybody...even Jordan...could take Scottie Pippen.

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    • daskittlez69 profile image

      daskittlez69 6 years ago from midwest

      Pippen was good but Jordan is the man! and that other Hub, I don't believe that for one second.

    • profile image

      pgorner 8 years ago from Tijuana, Mexico

      Although I respect your opinion, you're no basketball fan. If you're a lifelong basketball fan, then the idea of understating Scottie Pippen should never cross your mind for a moment. It's easier to fend off opponents when they're already scared of your image, and that's what Jordan encountered. Pippen, not so much. Pippen wasn't best friends with Oakley like Michael was, so they didn't hard foul Jordan like they fouled Pippen. The only reason there's any gap in talent at all if there because Pippen was a youngster while Jordan was already in the league for three years, an established college program, Jordan had a waterdown league to hog the ball in. His teammates were busters, but not Pippen or his power forwards, which means that it could have been John Starks instead of Jordan and they probably still would have won the last half of the decade. Yeah, I just don't like Jordan's personality. When he does anything but actually play basketball, he makes me want to smack him.

    • tdelamatter profile image

      tdelamatter 8 years ago from Vancouver, B.C.

      Are you serious? As a lifelong basketball fan, I have to say you are so far removed from logic here it would be comical if it wasn't so absurd.

      I do realize it is probably tongue in cheek, but c'mon give Jordan his props, he deserves them.

      Pippen is nothing but a baby maker (last count was 12 with 12 different women), who would be no where without MJ.

    • EYEAM4ANARCHY profile image

      Kelly W. Patterson 8 years ago from Las Vegas, NV.

      This is either great satire or...well, it's funny either way.