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Piste Basher Driving

Updated on September 19, 2011

Piste Basher Driving & ice driving

The ski day has ended and you have stepped out of your skis and staggered into the bar – one or two vin chaud and as you look up the slopes, you see the caterpillar tracks of the piste basher as it climbs into the night sky.

It’s a steep slope and the piste basher continues to climb and then a tight turn and back down it comes – you glance across to your friends and say “some driving” and then it cuts back up the hill…….

The next morning you are out early and enjoying the corduroy but what did it feel like to create this stuff – have you ever driven an HGV or a digger? Well, its nothing like that!

Travel with Zenith Holidays in winter 11/12 and when you book one of their Alpe D’Huez chalets, they will offer you a free Piste Basher driving experience (conditions apply).

Call them on +44 1737 852242 and sort out your experience in the piste basher or ice driving.

Experience the difference with Zenith Holidays in Alpe D'Huez, Morzine or Serre Chevalier - doing more with Zenith Holidays


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