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Plan B Skateboard Online

Updated on August 12, 2012

Plan B Skateboards

Plan B Skateboard

You can get your Plan B Skateboard at one of your local skate shops or buy it from a large warehouse store but the best place to buy your Plan B Skateboard is online to get the best deal. Plan B Skateboards, stands for one thing and that is quality. So if you want a quality board with quality components go with Plan B Skateboards. One thing I like about the Plan B is it's made in America and there aren't as many products that are can say that now as there used to be. So not only do you get a quality ride on a good board but you get to support some American workers when you make this purchase. So as they say vote with your dollars buy Plan B Skateboards.

Plan B Skateboard Company History

Plan B was originally started in 1991 and after putting together one of the best teams at the time Plan B riders put together some of the most influential skate videos of all time.That was what put Plan B on the map, the videos. Every kid wanted to see the latest video and it wasn't a matter of going to and watching it you actually had to buy it or find a friend that had it and borrow it and promise not to scratch it or else who knows what. A lot of kids and current pros watched those videos and got the bug or saw those tricks and were able to push their limits a little further. Videos like Questionable, Virtual Reality, and Second Hand Smoke changed what people thought was possible on a skateboard. In 1997 the founder of the company passed away in an auto accident and the company was closed and then in 2005 Danny Way and Colin McCay reopened Plan B skateboarding.

Plan B Skateboard Team

The Plan B Skateboard Team

The Plan B Skateboard Team consists of Pro riders Paul Rodrigues, Ryan Sheckler, Torrey Puckwill, PJ Ladd, Pat Duffy, Colin McCay, and Danny Way as you can see there are many old favorites and many up and comers on the team which makes a good mix.

The Videos

Before when Plan B Thrived it was based on the team and the videos they put out along with the great product. Now instead of VHS and seeing the tape at the skate shop you can see the You Tube video on your phone or at your desk as Plan B Skateboard has their own video channel.

Plan B Skateboard Choices

You can buy your Plan B Skateboards as full complete boards including deck trucks wheels and everything else or you can just buy the deck you like and then put the parts you want on it. Most people go with the complete package because then everything is new. Otherwise it's like putting new parts on an old car. But If you have good trucks and wheels and you just need a deck then Plan B Skateboards has that as well or if you just need wheels they have that also. Check out the graphics on some of those decks there seems to be somethings for everyone from very simple like the Plan B Sheckler Authentic Skateboard Deck to kind of old school with the skulls like the Plan B Ryan Sheckler Repeat Skulls board. One of my personal favorites is the LTD Paul Rodriquez 7.5 the graphics are very simple block letters nothing too fancy. Just an overall good board and smooth riding.

Ryan Sheckler Video


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