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Playing Fishing Trip Online can get you cash

Updated on October 5, 2012

There are various sites on the internet which are quite attractive. If you get to play games of your choice that too with cash rewards at the finish line, why would one wish for more? Here is a list of games that are actually time killers and let you play and win cash online.

If you have a good aim, try yourself out at PlayFishing Trip Online. Here you are a fisherman out with his hook to catch the fishes under you. You can move the boat to and fro and then aim for the fish you choose. You have a given time frame in which you have to score beyond the predefined limit. There are further levels where you face obstacles and you have to score the highest. You can also aim for the golden objects deep in the sea which get you maximum points. You can win Cash Prize Online by playing this game.

Oh Fish
is a quite interesting game which can easily eat away your time. There is an army of fishes lined up in rows and columns. Being multi-coloured, you have to quickly bring the same color fishes together to gather points. Bringing them together makes them vanish and are replaced by incoming additional fishes. Once you get into the mood, you won't stop amusing yourself. In addition, you can participate in the tournaments where you can compete with other scores as well.

It's time to roar your anthem and destroy the enemies ahead. 'Cannon attack' gives you the command over the cannon and the chance to demolish the opponent's castle. You have a cannon under you control and a guard stationed ahead to cover you. You have to fire the cannon towards the castle with the precision to destroy the whole monument within given number of balls. There will also be enemy soldiers marching towards you. Excitement, pace and fun all are packed up for you. You can win cash rewards by scoring more than the participating players.

Let's see how big your craving for ice-creams is. Pile up as many as ice cream scoops as you can. The ice cream seller is in the air while he has to aim the scoops right on top of the cone. As big the pile gets, the more points fall in your tummy which help you win cash prizes at the end. Beware of the time limit, your fantasy has to be at pace


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