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Play by play

Updated on September 13, 2012

Can we get back to the game already?

I love sports, full contact sports mostly, football, UFC, and basketball. I wake up every morning at 4a.m. and turn on Sports Center/ESPN, I love the highlight reels and top ten plays, I love it all. One of the main reasons I always loved sports was of course the men, but the passion with which the men play the game, not just for the eye-candy, although, that is a bonus. I just love sports and athletes, period; I admire and respect what they do. Most women I know think I am crazy, but I just can’t get enough sports. So many shows are geared or focused on ‘drama’, gossip, and ‘fluff’, I hate watching. Don’t ask me why, but for some strange reason I somehow believed there is a lot less ‘drama’, gossip, and cattiness, amongst the sports field. How wrong I was.

Especially when it is in regards to a sports ‘super stars’. For example, Brett Favre. Personally, I love that old man, I say old man because he and I are close to the same age and in football years, that's practically ancient. Sports analyst’ and newscaster loved talking about Favre and how he gave Aaron Rogers the “cold shoulder” and didn’t even try and teach him the plays or welcome him with open arms. As though Favre was just supposed to be excited about handing over his position to some young, punk kid. Hell, the kid was taking his job, how happy you think you’d be? Favre is passionate about football, obviously, otherwise he would have retired and stayed retired, but when you love something as much as he loves football it can’t be easy just walking away from it. Handing over your team position to the next guy would be like handing over the ex-wife/girl to the new young stud in her life-you going to share ‘plays’ and positions with your ‘replacement?’ Highly doubt any of us would, we are talking about ego, pride, and competition.

Nevertheless, that is what was debated and talked about continuously all day amongst the sportscasters.

Then there was Jay Cutler from the Chicago Bears and his behavior on the sidelines. No one was questioning his 'toughness' last season when he was winning games, but suddenly, they lose a game and his ‘fans’ burn his jersey. What the hell kind of fans are we if we don’t support our teams or players, even when they are not winning? I am a Saints fan, have been since the days we were wearing bags over our heads. With losing Sean Payton, and the suspensions and the whole 'bountygate' drama, this season is or may not look too promising, but I stand by my Saints, win or lose.

I am a huge Anderson Silva fan, (UFC), I am so amazed at how the crowd will begin chanting his name, and cheering him on, but the moment he appears as though he may lose, they begin chanting his opponent’s name. Seriously?

I am also a diehard Lakers fan, win, or lose, championships or not, I bleed purple and gold. I would rather watch Kobe play and lose than not watch him play at all. I love all the Lakers players, I just chose Kobe, because he is the one the sports analyst and haters love to ‘gossip’ about too. They take one statement or comment and blow it completely out of proportion and it’s top of the news on ESPN. It’s like TMZ or E on steroids, only about athletes and not movie stars.

Then of course there is the whole steroid issue…does anyone really care if an ex athlete was on steroids, if they aren’t even playing anymore? Can we not think of other more productive ways to spend our tax dollars? I don’t understand what the point is dragging them through court over it. The only thing I am worried about is what you’re doing on the field, in the ring, or on the court. Play the game, report the stats, show the highlights reels, top plays, not so top plays (love those), but can you just stop with all the ‘drama’ already. I thought we women were the ‘drama queens’. I tuned in to listen and watch the NBA All Star game and the sports analyst on TNT commented more on the player’s choice of socks than the plays they were making. What is this the Project Runway?

Don’t pan away from the field to get a close-up Cameron Diaz feeding popcorn to A Rod (Alex Rodriguez), get back to the game. Maybe this is why so many of my male friends are watching college games more the NBA/NFL now…oh wait, I forgot about the whole “Cam Newton Gates”. Guess ‘drama’ is going to be wherever feelings are, so let me just say sorry to anyone whose feelings got hurt by my writing this. Now can we just get back to the game already…


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