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How to Play Volleyball Match, Court position,Technique & Instruction

Updated on April 6, 2011

Game over view

Volley Ball game is played in between two teams with 6 players in each. The court is partitioned into two halves by a net fastened to two poles present past either side of the court borders. The volleyball is served by a hind player from the toss winning team by hanging or tossing the ball into air and striking by arm into the opponents court. The oppenents send the ball back by not more than three strokes. This process is repeated by two teams trying to send the ball into opponents court. If the ball is grounded in your court or outside the opponents court by you, opponent gains a point. The accumulation of points to certain value either 15 or 25 is considered end of a set. Once the set is over the teams interchange their positions in the court from where they played before to continue playing.The winning team is decided based on more number of sets won among three or 5 sets in the match.

Volleyball service techniques

Serving the ball to sart the game

The game begins with a service of the ball by one of the teams to the other.

As in the above picture the ball is tossed up and to strik and serve the ball by the hind player from outside the boundary line. (Red dress)

The below pictures shows how the ball is controlled by first hand touch by the service receiving team and it is sent back into opposite court within next two strokes or touches. (white dress)

Defence training

Volleyball Defence

This is a technique to prevent the ball from landing in your court and send it back to the oppsositon court.

This technique requires good regular practise and expert training as this decides the winning chances in the game.

The team with good defence can be the favourites to win the match. This also needs to be suppoted by proper blocking and also hitting and spiking to win the points over opposition.

A classic volleyball court

Volley balll court
Volley balll court
Service point
Service point

Defence to control the ball and send it back

Defending the ball so as to send it to opposite court
Defending the ball so as to send it to opposite court


The Umpire-1 seating position for proper view of front players of both the teams. This position enables him to notice if the players touch the net while striking the ball or crosses the center line below the net partitioning the two courts which is considered foul and point awarded to opposition. He is responsible to decide and assign the points to the respective team during the entire show. For this he takes help of border line boys and umpire-2 to confirm the place of grounding the ball by the teams.

Spiking: The below picture shows how the ball can be spiked into opposition team for being grounded undefended to earn the points. The front player on one side tosses the ball up the level of net and another strikes it hard towards the ground of opposition team. They earn a point if the ball is grounded within the opposition court or lose a point if it is grounded outside.

Spiking and Blocking the ball

Spiking Techniques

It involves two steps

1) Stepping :- In order to master spiking you need to learning stepping. Stepping should be taken according to the position of the ball over the net. jump should be taken such that ball should be one arm apart, over the net .

2) Tapping :- now comes tapping ,tapping means the way how u make contact with the ball.a good Spike makes perfect contact with the palm wide open over the surface of the ball.

Different types of spiking include.

♣ Based on the way how booster lifts the ball over the net .

a) short ball ;- here the booster lifts the ball just over the net ,where as the spikers stepping and jump must be quick .as soon as the ball reaches the booster the spiker should have already taken his jump ,so that he should be ready to tap the ball .

b) Long ball:-here the ball is tossed as before but to good height so that the striker has time to take position and strike hard after seeing the ball.

c) Medium ball:- Here ball is tossed to normal height than short or long ball and spiked into opposition court.d) Counter ball: - booster tosses the ball outwards parallel to the net. The striker comes in counter direction and taps it into the opposition court.♣ Based on position from where spiker stands from the booster.

1) positive spiker: Here the booster stand toward the right side of the court and spiker hits the ball tossed from left side of booster into opposition court.

2)negative spiker: Here the spiker stands in the right side of the booster to spike the ball.

Volleyball blcoking

Volleyball blocking

Blocking: Is a technique wherein the front players try to block the spiking stroked ball from reaching their court.

Here the player jump to the height of net top with their hands raised to block the ball standing before the spiker.This can prevent the ball from coming into their court and also helps drop back into the opposition court to win a point.

This technique require the player to be of good height and have good jump.


Umpire-2 stands in the side opposite to umpire-1 on the ground. He looks after the border line crossing of the ball on his side, gives break at suitable intervals for players refreshment in between the game.

The new set begins with players shifting or altering their court positions. The process completes when one team achieves maximum number of sets

Aletration in court positions

Teams shift their court position of play for every new set
Teams shift their court position of play for every new set


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