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How to Improve Your Fielding - Tips to Improve Fielding in Cricket

Updated on June 4, 2017
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Kannan has grown up playing the most popular game in India : Cricket. He loves to watch cricket games waking up in the middle of the night.

Jhonty Rhodes stretching fully to take a catch
Jhonty Rhodes stretching fully to take a catch

Good players are good fielders in cricket. When selecting a team, not only batting or bowling, but fielding is also considered.

For a cricketer, the most ignored part is the aspect of good fielding. If you can field very good then the team will love you. Your captain will always choose you in front of others when he selects the final team.

The beneficial part is that any player can improve his fielding. Fielding can only improved with adequate practice and implementing certain techniques. With good fielding you can save many runs and hold on to those catches that makes a great difference in the game of cricket.

Fielding is not like batting or bowling. It does not depends on your form, it's always there with you. A good fielder is always a good fielder. Like say for the great fielders like Jhonty Rhodes and Robin Singh, even when they are not contributing enough from their batting they make-up the loss by their fielding. By practicing you can also be a great fielder like Jhonty Rhodes.

Keeping your eyes on the ball right through the game. One specific technique that always works is that to keep your whole body behind the bowl. Improving your fitness and stamina level through exercise and running.

Practicing catches with another player who himself wants to improve his fielding. Improving your ball throwing technique. Practicing to hit the stumps from different areas of the field.

Undoubtedly your fielding will only improve through practice and only practice. Always make a point to note how much runs you save and how many catches you took. That will act as a motivation. Remind yourself that you have the abilities to be a good fielder. The most important thing is to love to field, just like you may love to bat or bowl.

There is a great video out there which will certainly make a big difference in improving your fielding ability. Watch this video and you will certainly improve if you implement them in your game. In the below video, Mark Waugh, himself a great fielder is giving some awesome tips to improve your fielding abilities.

Cricket Fielding Tips

Great Fielding by Angelo Mathews

© 2011 Kannan Reddy


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