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Poem- Wolverhampton Wanderers "This Is Our Love"

Updated on December 11, 2015

This is Our Love

And it knows no Division

Engrained in our blood

With no chance of remission

This is our creation

Manor from heaven

Footballing genius

Since eighteen seventy seven

This is our history

Glory and intrigue

A founder member

Of the Football League

This is our home

Four stands with a view

Our Golden Palace

We call Molineux

This is our Roll Call

Wembley stadium a stage

FA Cups and League trophies

Taken hostage

This is our heritage

Mines and industry

For we are the boys

From the Black Country

This is our past

Shining and bright

European adventures

Under floodlights

These are our Legends

To name but a few

Wright, Williams and Wagstaffe

Honoured, adieu

This is our Club

We don’t do things by half

For I was born

Under a Wanderers scarf

This is our crowd

Chants and songs we sing

From North Bank to South Bank

“Hi-Ho” proudly rings

These are our fans

From far and wide

Vociferous support

For our Wanderers side

This is our Flag

Proud in the sky

Along with our chant

“Wanderers will never die”

This is our Club

For all to see

We are Wolverhampton

“Wolves ay we”

This is our future

Kenny’s new wolf pack

Onwards and upwards

For the Old Gold and Black


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