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Poems about the navy soldiers

Updated on June 29, 2017

Binh lính Trường An

The ardent soldiers I love incredible!
The ardent soldiers I love incredible! | Source

Poems about my brother

The intelligence we have set up
Deep inside the enemy on the day of reporting
No room ... no lover
Reconnaissance gathering situation set up
Pilots fly overhead

Volunteer your country still give gifts
He adopted the work of the ladies
Engineers see the "left" ramen straight
Logistics dispensed silver money
Job information propaganda everywhere
Foot soldiers short of breath

An off-shore navy waved the region
Enemy armor is extremely afraid
I need to stand in the past heroic
Special mission just rainy
Frontier guard early in the night

True artillery guns
Guard "cannon" in place of your boss
Fire fire despise
Army medical care his friend sick
Doors do not want to go
Rookie training for a long time forget the song ...


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