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Point Tomales

Updated on March 30, 2012
Nat Geo Map
Nat Geo Map | Source
Our saviours! Breakfast stop
Our saviours! Breakfast stop | Source

My good old friend from college and I, along with our husbands went to Point Reyes National Seashore earlier in January this year. (Jan 2012).

The four of us are not new to outdoor activities. A – My friend’s husband is quite a serious hiker actually. B- My husband does not do it as a passion, but he has done it a couple of times in different places all over the world and so he is fine. That leaves C (my college friend) and me (D). Well with the right spirit and generally positive attitude and rated not too bad in fitness, we did fine too!

After a fun evening of playing Cranium; which had the entire living room at Point Reyes hostel in splits, we crashed for the night hoping to start as soon as possible the next morning on our hike to Point Tomales.

We woke up early and on time but as hungry as ever, we waited until it was 8am peering through the glass windows of The Station House Cafe urging it to open and let us in !

After a one hour hearty breakfast and now ready to take on the world, we drove to the starting point of the trek.

There on we split in two parties actually – C & D first off and all gung ho about going to ‘complete’ the hike and no don’t tell us how far, how long till we ask! Chatting away nineteen to a dozen , remembering great college times and all that life has dished out to us all the way through to the present, we walked alongside the breathtakingly beautiful Pacific Ocean. A& B were doing some ‘guy talk’ and serious photography et all.

TOMALES POINT TRAIL (15 km / 9.5 mi.)
This open trail through the Tule Elk Reserve offers spectacular views of Tomales Bay, Bodega Bay, and the Pacific Ocean. It is also a prime wildlife viewing trail, as it is remote and the tule elk are enclosed in this reserve. The first 5 kilometers (3 mi.) to Lower Pierce Point Ranch are well marked and maintained, but the last stretch can be overgrown with bush lupine and other shrubs, so long pants and long sleeves are a good idea. The journey all the way to the Point is worth it, for the view is unparalleled. Fog and wind can limit visibility and make this hike more challenging. The Tomales Point Trailhead is at the end of Pierce Point Road, 40 minute driving time from Bear Valley.

Source : Point Reyes Nation Seashore Official Website

It was the first time I hiked alongside the ocean, a new experience and a truly wonderful one. Unique!

The colour of the water is a fabulous blue and with the cold January wind and warm sun shining down, the hours and distance just disappeared away. In fact it is a relatively easy trail with hardly any climbs and troughs.

Making way for the more seriously ‘timed’ hikers and some runners too, we took about 3-3.5 hours to make it to Point Tomales.

Once there it is a ragged edge of rocks and a group of shiny black ravens were sunning themselves against the water sprays. Not sure what the sole white bird was doing amongst them!

We sat and snacked and just took some time to let the beauty of the place soak in.

Soon we were on our way back and of course it was even easier!

We started at 9.45AM and were back at 3PM (yeah, so now you experienced hikers know how bad we are!)

Anyhow, it was a great trek with beautiful views and you might run into some wildlife too.

Probably even a good one to take young kids to get them initiated to trekking.

Ravens at Point Tomales
Ravens at Point Tomales | Source
Keep walking, don't stare at them!
Keep walking, don't stare at them! | Source
Cranium - The fun game
Cranium - The fun game | Source
Trail views
Trail views | Source
Hikers | Source
The beautiful Pacific
The beautiful Pacific | Source
Strike a Pose
Strike a Pose | Source
Insignificance | Source
The board says it all
The board says it all | Source
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