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Catching carp on the pole.

Updated on August 26, 2013

Apex park

Where Its Done.

If you are a regular pole fisherman, then you know how much fun fishing this method is, if not you should give it a try. There are many different ways you can set your pole up to give you a fast and efficient way of getting fish on the bank.

Sean- my son introduced me to this method during the summer months of last year (2012.) During the school time he would do as I did years ago. He would race home from school, grab some tea, grab is fishing tackle and bicycle and head of up the road to his favorite fishing grounds- The apex leisure and wildlife park. The lake is located within the 42 acre park and is controlled by the Highbridge anglers association.

I went with him on a couple of occasions and was so surprised at his mature approach and the knowledge he has of this particular method.

Here we are

A markerApex park, somerset -
Burnham-on-Sea, Somerset, UK
get directions

Choose the Best Time to Do It.

Wherever you try this it is worth doing a bit of detective work to establish when it is the most productive time to do this.

The Apex is a very popular place for families to go to feed the ducks during the day time this means lots of bread being thrown into the water to feed the swans and ducks, but come tea time everybody goes home for tea leaving the birds to swim off and then its time for the carp to come out to feed.

Hooked Breadflake bait.

Tackle and bait.

Pole fishing is quite simple to do, ideally you would have a carbon pole between 8-14 metres long fitted with elastic size 12-16 is ideal.

There is a wide variety of pole floats on the market coming in all shapes and sizes of which the type is down to personal choice.

Hooks again design is down to personal choice and ideally be sizes 10 or 8.

for bait in our case best offering without a doubt would be fresh bread - after all what as been used all day. this would be in quite large flake version.

Other tackle might include a large landing net disgorgers for hook removal and a stool to sit on.

Although bread works well in this location, it's worth trying different baits and believe me carp are scavengers and when they are feeding sometimes, anything works. Here are some ideas;

Sweetcorn, sausage, luncheon meat, pepperami, slugs, cheese,( the smellier the better.)

You can use flavorings, food coloring to change the way it looks.

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The best tactics we found are to get the bait to the mid water quite quickly so fishing at full depth the bulk float shot should be set at mid water so the bread will then drift around between mid water and the bottom

Fish around reed beds, overhanging trees or by any features that may be a good carp holding areas.Surface disturbance is a good sign of where to fish as carp usually break water in the evening at the apex.

Change your bait at regular intervals, but if you have done your homework you should soon be in the action!

A 5lb Common carp

When a carp comes along.

When your float goes under, the one thing you will notice with pole fishing is the springy action of the elastic so a smooth pull on the rod is all that is needed as too much strike will pull the bait from the carps mouth.

When contact is made HANG ON. When the fish goes it will seem like the elastic is going to snap as the fish will appear to go on forever. Apply slight pressure to the fish and dip the tip of the pole into the water periodically to keep the elastic moist.

It will feel sometimes like you are unable to keep control of proceedings, but rest assured the tension on the elastic is tiring the fish. You might find that taking the pole apart and putting it back together (shipping) will need to be done until the fish is ready for netting.

Sounds good- give it a try if you like simple pole fishing you will love the excitement of fishing this method.

Good luck!!

And a 4lb ...........

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