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Poor Cavaliers; Poor Kyrie

Updated on May 22, 2015
I'm not sure yet....I Just thought this photo was cool to add.  Has nothing to do with anything related to what is being said about Kyrie's injury. It felt right to be here though....Judge me....
I'm not sure yet....I Just thought this photo was cool to add. Has nothing to do with anything related to what is being said about Kyrie's injury. It felt right to be here though....Judge me....

Ignoring the pain?

It seems like the win LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers sacred over the Chicago Bulls just weeks ago, took a bigger toll on the team then fans of the Cavs would like. All star point guard, Kyrie Irving, is questionable for Game 2 against the Atlanta Hawks due to injury on his left knee. Poor Kyrie

This morning, Kyrie Irving missed practice due to the nagging injury of his tendonitis in his left knee. Instead of surgery, (understanding how important his role for the Cavaliers to win a championship is) the team has told us fans of the sport that he’ll go through evaluation from the head team physician, Dr. Richard Parker.

Let’s not forget about the right foot strain he suffered while playing against the Boston Celtics in the first round. Which leads me to wonder how my beloved Chicago Bulls lost in Game 6? Not only did we lose in Game 6, we lost to a Kyrie-less Cavaliers team by 20 points? That lost hurts so bad. Sorry for the side track, back to Cleveland. Smh

Even though the Cavaliers swept Boston, beat the Bulls in 6, and is currently up 1 game against the blazing hot Atlanta Hawks doesn’t guarantee pure victory to the NBA finals for the Hawks. Not by a long shot. When your body discovers difficulty (injuries) it is not the best idea to play on what needs to be rehabbed. Constant play on the injury only creates bigger issues for you in the future. Can LeBron James dig this team to the gold without two of his fellow All Stars?

“I doubt it,” says Mickey Terry, the guy who wrote this article. LeBron James as well isn’t 100% and is currently playing out of his will to win a championship for Ohio. Even if you hate the guy you have to respect that. Rumor has it, that LeBron James hurt himself stepping on a camera man in game 1. Reality of it all he was hurting during the Boston series as well.

It is very possible that the Cavaliers can still make it to the NBA Finals against either the Warriors or the Rockets. I think that the Hawks injury to their big man, DeMarre Carroll’s knee, may play a factor in his game. Big men are the last that you want to see go down on your team. We all have seen LeBron take Paul Milsap to the cup for a easy two with no one clogging up the paint to take away that easy lay in. ESPN played it so much I almost felt like I was there. I do see that happening throughout the series with a missing big man in DeMarre Carroll. Paul Milsap said that he has no problem guarding LeBron James if Carroll knee nags him enough that he’ll have to sit out for the remainder of the series but be honest. He can’t guard LeBron.

I predict that the Cavs can still get a easy win without Kyrie in Game 2 as well. J.R Smith will have to continue being the X factor. His hot shooting spread the floor for LeBron’s powerful dunk late in the game. (It did look as if Kyle Korver ran from LeBron but he DID’NT!!! LeBron faked a pass which caused Kyle to go back to his man on defense) If J.R Smith continue to be the hot man from the three, LBJ would have a field day cutting to the lane drawing fouls or getting easy two points.

I hate the Cavaliers….

Cavalier fans sweating LOL relax this was college.
Cavalier fans sweating LOL relax this was college.

Will the Cavs make it to the finals?

They won't get swept by either Warriors or Rockets. I do feel as thought the Cavs would appreciate the Rockets appearance in the finals rather then the pick and roll, sharp shooting Warriors in the Finals. Dwight Howard hasn't been the Dwight Howard in the past in a while. He has also been humbled by injuries.

With Kyrie's injuries bothering him more then we would like, guarding the MVP Stephen Curry will not happen. Stephen will be able to complete any and everything he wouldn't want to do with Kyrie guarding him.

The fast paced game of the the Warriors would be dreading to the Cavs. I always root for the Eastern Conference team being from Chicago, but if the Cavs lose the feeling would be mutual.

Hey.....that's a foul.....On the BALL!!!!
Hey.....that's a foul.....On the BALL!!!!


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