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Popular Crappie Fishing Baits

Updated on August 11, 2010

Popular Crappie Fishing Baits

Contrary to what some people believe, bait is very important even when talking about crappie fishing. This fish is really popular because of the fact that it can be caught with almost any bait but there are some that are more effective than others. In order to catch a lot more crappie than before you have to know that the baits you use are really important.

Whenever we talk about using crappie fishing baits we are faced with much diversity. They can simply be live or synthetic. We are to discuss those three that stand out as being the best so you know what you should take with you the next time you go crappie fishing. You can simply use only one although the proper recommendation would be to put them all in your personal bag of fishing equipment. They can be used with the same effectiveness during both day and night and this is an advantage when talking especially about crappie.

When it comes to crappie fishing bait we need to include the popular marabou jig as among the best. Its body is furry and features one feathery tail. We are faced with really high effectiveness in this particular bait. If you need to jig over some structures then it is definitely perfect. This can be quite effective without even owning a boat. After that we have the twister tail jig, which is equally popular. You will see them right on the jig's head and will offer fishermen underwater action that is quite attractive for crappies. There are different brands that can be used. Different anglers have said that in different circumstances you are better of using this bait instead of the live one. The last of the three is the live minnow, a crappie fishing bait that has to be used in many situations. Live minnow stands out as one of the best possible baits that you should use. In most cases you do not have to get other baits except live bait. Just hook the minnow to the lips and use a second hook to hang free. We recommend gang hooks so that the minnow remains alive.

The above 3 baits are definitely the most popular when talking about crappie fishing baits. Although some people might disagree, we are sure that you will gain really good results by using them. Crappies do taste really great and nobody can deny this, just as different people cannot actually deny that we are faced with baits that work really well. The live minnow is the first bait that you should use and then you can diversify in your approach.


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