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Best Portable Tennis Ball Machines

Updated on April 27, 2013

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Portable Tennis Ball Machines

Portable Tennis Ball Machines

Why buy a portable tennis ball machine? The reasons to buy a portable tennis ball machine

are many. 1. You will always have someone to hit with. Your tennis ball machine does not get sick or have dates or just don't feel like it. Your tennis ball machine will hit with you anytime you charge up the battery and want to hit. 2. You want to get better. Your tennis ball machine can be set up to hit that one shot your opponent keeps throwing at you that your keep missing. Or your tennis ball machine can be set up to randomly shoot balls into zones on the court more like a real game whatever you need to work on. 3. Tennis ball machines are good for coaches because they are that extra hand feeding balls to those junior tennis players on one side of the courts while you work with other players elsewhere. Overall my a portable tennis ball machine will just improve your game. My hitting partner won't hit that certain overhead spin to me every time but my ball machine will. So, if you are looking to really improve your game get one of these Portable Tennis Ball Machines it will take you to the next level.

Lobster Portable Tennis Ball Machines

Choosing a Tennis Ball Machine

A Portable Tennis Ball Machine

What makes a portable tennis ball machine portable? Mainly the fact that it can be moved from place to place easily and set up easily. If it doesn't meet those criteria it's better off being a stationary machine that's used at clubs and things like that. Let's face it if your portable tennis ball machine weighs as much as a sack of concrete then you don't want to put it in your car and take it to the courts and it that's the case then it becomes a garage mounted tennis ball machine that you never use.

Other Features of Portable Tennis Ball Machines

Since it's a portable machine one of the features I like to see besides light weight is a strong handle to push or pull it around. Another nice feature is large wheels. Some machines have those small wheels like what you see on an office chair. That's fine in the house on the tile but if you take it out to the street those little plastic wheels get caught on every piece of gravel there is. Larger wheels roll right over those pebbles and gravel and cracks in sidewalks.

Lobster Tennis Ball Machine

Videos of Portable Tennis Ball Machines

Brands of Portable Tennis Ball Machines

Tennis Tutor Pro Light

The tennis tutor pro light is just what it says it weighs under 30 lbs. and is easily transportable. It comes with many features that will satisfy a range of players from beginners to intermediate. It comes with a 125 ball hopper, so you spend your time hitting and not just picking up balls. It has a variable ball feed a full range of trajectories and even comes with an optional remote. This Portable Tennis Ball Machine comes with a rechargeable battery that last about two to three hours on each charge and can be recharged 500 - 1000 times before replacement.

Lobster Tennis Ball Machine

The Lobster is a portable tennis ball machine with many fans. It weighs from 35 - 42 lbs. depending on the model but with that little extra weight you get a lot of extra functionality. For instance. It comes with a nice handle and large wheels like we talked about earlier but also a lot of on court functionality. For instance the Lobster can throw balls up to 80 miles per hour but also very slow for your beginner players. Then there is the topspin and the backspin that this machine can produce. Some models even have random oscillation for a more true tennis experience where the ball doesn't always go to the same area.

I Sam Portable Tennis Ball Machine

The I Sam is a very nice machine. It comes at a decent price point for tennis ball machines and one of the best things to me is it weighs only 29 lbs. So, it won't be only used once and spend the rest of it's life in the garage. It comes with a 250 ball hopper. It can launch balls up to 60 mph. and throw lobs and it has good oscillation as well, this is the one machine that will help you get to the next level.

Choosing a Tennis Ball Machine

So choosing a tennis ball machine is easy right. I didn't think so. So use the one at the club try out your friends machines, every one of them. Try the one at the YMCA if they have one. See what you like and don't and make your choice. While your trying them out ask the owners how portable they are. If someone says you can try there machine out and it's sitting in the garage because it's too heavy, hey you might get a great deal on a used machine to take up space in your garage as well. So try moving these machines around after your done hitting on them see which ones are light which are heavy good luck and happy hitting


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