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Possible Outcomes for WWE TLC Championship Match

Updated on November 20, 2016

Dean Ambrose and AJ Styles will once again face off for the WWE championship. With newcomer James Ellsworth playing a big role in this feud between Smackdown’s top two stars, there’s lots of ways this storyline can play out.


Ellsworth Turns Heel

James Ellsworth is an underdog wrestler that the WWE Universe loves to root for. Following his win against Styles a few weeks ago (with the assist of Dean Ambrose), Ellsworth has become a staple on the blue brand.

The babyface Ellsworth has become a supporter of Ambrose. Despite his attempts to help Ambrose win matches, Ellsworth’s interferences tend to cause more harm than good.

This sudden need to help Ambrose has many wondering if an Ellsworth heel turn is in the future. At TLC, Ellsworth could cost Ambrose his last chance at the championship. Following the match, Ellsworth reveals he’s formed an alliance with AJ Styles.


Dean Ambrose Heel Turn

Even though Ambrose is one of Smackdown’s top babyface, for the past few months he’s shown instances of being a tweener. Many fans would love a heel turn for Ambrose and TLC could be the place to do it.

After Ellsworth costs Ambrose the championship, the Lunatic Fringe could finally snap on Ellsworth. This will not only lead to the heel turn fans have been craving, but also help cement Ellsworth’s status as Smackdown’s new babyface.


Ambrose Wins

I know a lot of people would love for AJ Styles to stay champion for a long time. But in WWE, championship changes can happen at any time. It doesn’t matter if you hold the title a month, a week, or a day; eventually all championship reigns could come to an end.

TLC could be the very place where Styles’ reign ends.

So if Styles loses, what does this mean for his and Ambrose’s future?

Well, it’s pretty much a given that somehow Ellsworth is going to interfere in the match. Ellsworth could help his good friend, Dean Ambrose win the championship, leaving Ellsworth to suffer the wrath of Styles.

As for Ambrose, look for him to pick up his feud with John Cena, when the Superstar returns.

Ambrose Loses

Following his much highly-criticized appearance on Stone Cold’s podcast, Ambrose has come under fire for his laid back attitude. Many fans quickly turned on him by saying his in-ring performance was lazy.

After losing the championship, Ambrose has stepped up his game giving fans the vigor they’ve been wanting from him.

With fans now rallying behind him again, TLC would be a great opportunity for Ambrose to reclaim the belt.

However, knowing the WWE Universe, they’ll be upset with this win.

WWE’s best bet would have a dejected Ambrose leave for a little while after his lose. The time away will make fans miss Ambrose and will help set up in entry and possible win in the Royal Rumble.


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