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Pre Owned Boats for Sale

Updated on June 22, 2014

If a desire is there to acquire a watercraft for the season whether it’s a deck or pontoon boat for family fun and cruising or a dedicated fishing machine, such as a bass boat, or a thrilling ride on a PWC, there are an abundance of options on the ever thriving used boat sale market. It's often an expensive move to purchase a brand new model, what with all the related costs that come with it such as insurance, mooring and storage fees, fuel, associated gear, etc.

An opportunity is often open to those searching pre-owned boats for sale by owner, dealer or trader to find an excellent value package at a knockdown price.

Locating Cheap Boats for Sale

Used bass boats for sale to cheap Jon boats or inflatable’s for a variety of fishing adventures can be located in a multitude of places. One popular destination is to search the thousands of classified ads online or in local papers. In addition, websites such as Craigslist and eBay also features a vast choice of pre-owned watercrafts.

Even with a potential saving in mind, it’s still worthwhile to be cautious in the process of purchasing that second-hand model. If not mechanical minded its always a wise investment to have a vessel inspected prior to making any sort of commitment to purchase - it might cost an extra $100+ for this pre-purchase report, but that's still going to be much better than spending out thousand only to find out later that a complete lemon has been purchased.

Salvage Boats for Sale

If in search of a salvage, repo, or other such cheap boat for sale than it’s often a case of searching out companies that specialize in this particular line of business. Repossessed boats are as a result of a financial institution re-claiming property due to a borrower defaulting on the re-payments. In the present difficult financial times this is all becoming more evident, with a whole host of runabouts, fishing boats, to PWC, and mega yacht all coming on the market to be auctioned-off.

DIY Boat Building Projects

If the finances aren't available to acquire one of the latest boat models or even a pre-owned boat for sale it’s always a possibility to take on self build project. For a do-it-yourself enthusiasts with competent woodworking skills or welding ability (if working with a metal) its possible to locate high-quality boat plans and kits complete with detailed drawings, illustrations, patterns and list of materials. With most of these plans designed of amateur boat builder in mind - especially with the stitch and glue plans which are the easiest of all.

One certainty with seeking out pre-owned boats for sale is to inspect a vessel in person, be sure that all maintenance duties have been kept up to date, and that the craft hasn't been neglected in anyway, shape or form.


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