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Premier Airsoft Guns

Updated on October 5, 2012

Expensive Airsoft Rifles

There are some really expensive airsoft guns out there, and these comprise the "Premier" category of airsoft guns. The manufacturer Classic Army is well known for producing airsoft guns that fit in to this category, and they are one of the biggest names in airsoft, along with Tokyo Marui and a few others which also produce pricey equipment.

The Classic Army M15A4 series is a particularly expensive line. While the regular rifle is under three hundred dollars, the two upgraded versions of it, known as the CA M15A4 SPC (Special Purpose Carbine) and the CA M15A4 RIS (Rail Interface System). Both are over three hundred fifty dollars, but they are some of the best airsoft rifles out there.

If you are on a professional airsoft team, you not only need these kinds of expensive airsoft products, but you also need the top accessories and tactical gear as well. Airsoft can become a pretty expensive sport, but the entertainment derived from it makes it all worth it.

CA249 Para

The Classic Army CA249 Para

The Classic Army CA249 is literally one of the most ridiculously powerful and expensive airsoft guns on the market. Just how ridiculous? It costs six-hundred seventy dollars, which is twice as expensive as other Premier Airsoft Guns. Exactly what capabilities does this powerhouse have that warrants such an expensive price?

First, the full-metal product is quite long, at over a meter in length. It shoots at a respectable three-hundred ten feet per second, and the regular magazine can hold over four hundred rounds. However, if you choose to use the standard magazine, you will find it depletes very quickly. Why is that? Well, it can shoot twelve hundred (1200!) rounds a minute, so a regular magazine would be out in twenty seconds. That is why it is wise to use a box magazine with the CA249 Para; in this way, you can keep firing for much longer, as a box magazine can hold around twenty-five hundred BBs.

The CA249 is not for frontline infantry, especially if you are using the box magazine (imagine trying to carry that thing around). It is mainly used for support fire, and it can easily suppress over half a dozen enemies with its long range and incredible speed.

Echo1 Advance Squad Carbine

Polar Star Airsoft Guns

One of the most prestigious new airsoft brands is Polar Star Airsoft. The company originated as an engineering firm specializing in improving racing cars. They have taken their expertise in that field and applied it to the world of airsoft. Imagine the power of a NASCAR racer in your hands in the form of an airsoft gun. That is what Polar Star has achieved, and perhaps more importantly than the raw power and accuracy of their guns is the unique features they possess.

Polar Star airsoft rifles come with an LCD control module that allow you to manipulate key attributes such as FPS and RPS rates without having to make any mechanical alterations. Everything is electronic, so you can make quick changes on the battlefield in the blink of an eye. It is simply the most efficient way to adapt to the current conditions in any airsoft game, and there is no other airsoft gun that can do what Polar Star can.

Of course, because of these additional features, Polar Star products are relatively expensive, even moreso than Classic Army. Don't worry though, it's not as expensive as the CA249 Para discussed above, but in the right hands there is no doubt that Polar Star can stand up to it. Once you practice enough with any airsoft gun, it is possible to overcome misdirected power in a less experienced player's hands.


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    • profile image

      Raptors Airsoft 6 years ago

      How does the CA249 compare to the Echo 1 Minigun?

    • profile image

      aman4521 7 years ago


    • rocksolid profile image

      rocksolid 7 years ago from dayton

      yes I agree that is a nice gun but I like the classic army M134-A2 now that is a sweet gun for airsoft.

    • profile image

      ace21gabriel 7 years ago

      Great article, I can say this is a nice gun as well as I have held it in my hands before, CA is did not skip out on the quality of this gun on any level!

    • profile image

      lyricsingray 7 years ago

      very cool hub - gotta get one of these