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Prendas Ciclismo Aquatex Overshoes Review - Waterproof And Warm Winter Cycling

Updated on September 3, 2014
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Liam Hallam is a sports science graduate. He is also a keen cyclist and lover of the Derbyshire Dales and Peak District.

Prendas Ciclismo Aquatex Overshoes Review from CyclingFitness

It’s inevitable during the British Winter to experience cold and wet cycling conditions. No set of mudguard fenders I’ve ever used will fully protect from road spray off your front wheel. Just wearing your normal cycling shoes can therefore lead to your feet getting cold, potentially very wet and rather uncomfortable. That’s where a good quality pair of cycling overshoes comes into the equation.

Cyclists feet in winter + Prendas Ciclismo Aquatex Overshoes = Warm, dry and protected feet

Prendas Ciclismo Aquatex Overshoes

Prendas Ciclismo Aquatex Overshoes.
Prendas Ciclismo Aquatex Overshoes. | Source

Prendas Aquatex over-shoe features

The Prendas Ciclismo Aquatex Overshoes feature a combination on Aquatex fabric which is wind proof and water resistant on the top and rear of the foot to hold out water and feature windtex stretchy windproof panels to the side of the foot to provide stretchy panels for a better fit and less stress on the zipper.

The sole area features a stitched ‘cut out’ section to expose cleats and heal tab. The fabric used for the sole is a heavy duty yet flexible and grippy rubberised fabric which also provides some grip on the toe area. This should provide additional product longevity when compared to other road cycling overshoes which use the same fabric throughout their construction.

For safety the overshoe features 3m piping running up parallel to the rear zipper for increased visibility to other road users

Styling of the Prendas Overshoes- can they rival Rapha or Assos?

Styling is very simple and classic in simple black and will appease most traditionalists and riders who like their clothing to have a classic or retro styling. While the fit and technological features of the combined Aquatex and windtex panels will satisfy the performance focused riders out there.

The Prendas Ciclismo name badges on the outside of the overshoe are relatively subtle for their size and are in a dark silver colour. The overshoes also feature small tabs which indicate their production from windtex fabric and their Italian heritage (They’re made in Italy)

These overshoes look great while you’re wearing them, offer great visibility to passing cars from the rear due to their reflective rear trim and really look the part.

The only criticism with their looks is that the side logo could have been made to be more reflective thus increasing side visibility- however this is a very minor criticism and many riders I have talked to prefer the subtlety of the side logo.

You can usually tell when something looks good if you turn up for a local club ride and over half of the riders are wearing a particularly item (obviously excluding club kit). I counted 8 riders out of 15 on the local Saturday club run wearing these overshoes recently!

Comparing them to the equivalent Rapha model which seems to be de rigour among bike snobs the Prendas Aquatex is a non technically advanced overshoe with a better reinforced sole area which means they will last much longer. The Rapha Overshoes feature a traditional neoprene build which while having a great fit is hard to justify the price at over 40 quid.

Out on the road with my overshoes.

Fantastic!Sometimes you can wear a set of overshoes and you can tell you’re wearing them either every time you rotate the cranks or they’ll chafe around your ankles. However that is not the case with these Prendas overshoes. It’s like they morph into one with your cycling shoes! They’re light enough to wear for road racing in really wet weather and fantastic in spring and autumn months over your race shoes and an ultra breathable set of socks. The windproof fabrics keep out harsh, biting winds throughout the winter however I would recommend the purchase of a good pair of insulating winter socks for the warmth.

The positioning of the Aquatex fabric is spot on for keeping out rain and spray from the road.

Getting the right size cycling overshoes

With many overshoe options available on the market it can be difficult to make a decision on which to buy and what size as many manufacturers use the codes S, M, L and Xl for overshoe sizes. Especially as it’s a real cycling faux pas to have overshoes which do not fit snugly as these a) look unsightly and b) don’t trap air between shoe and overshoe for improved warmth. Thankfully the people at Prendas Ciclismo sell their Aquatex Overshoes based on shoe size so you should never have the worry of having badly fitting equipment. The great people at Prendas Ciclismo all use their products so will also be able to talk you through any tricky questions you may have as well.

Chappeau Prendas Ciclismo!!

Have you had dealings with Prendas Ciclismo or any other cycling overshoes related companies? Please leave feedback of the experience below in the comments.

Or alternately if you prefer a different brand for your overshoes please let us know and why. Feel free to suggest links or reviews from around the web.

Updated on the Prendas Aquatex Overshoes after a winter of riding

These overshoes have survived a full winter of riding however with a number of problems

  • The zip broke on the left side overshoe after about 3 months worth of use. The overshoes can be closed up however with a degree of difficulty.
  • The reinforced sections of heavy duty rubberized fabric on the base of the sole actually are not very heavy duty and wear through quickly around the base of the toes. Other manufacturers have used a kevlar reinforced fabric in the past and this would be something that should be considered for the longevity of this Prendas product in future. For the money you can really get a better longer lasting product from other manufacturers.

Would I buy another pair. Probably not!

Alternative overshoes on Amazon- Endura


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