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Problems Plaque Sochi Olympics 2014

Updated on February 7, 2014

Russia and Putin are getting picked on by the western press for the Sochi Winter Olympics and for good reason. One might think that spending $50 billion on the construction of the venues required and seven years to do it would be enough time. But corruption has come into play and by some investigations up to $25 billion have been diverted private accounts.

Sochi was unprepared for its makeover then. Most of the town foreigners will see was not there then. But, 40,000 hotel rooms had to be built and furnished, plumbing and other infrastructure. Sochi is not exactly along the main corridor for anything- just look at the map. But, still, when some ski venues are declared too steep for competitors, or, not to spec, where was the oversight when these were being built? Was there any? Seems not.

Many of construction workers came from other areas to make money. Reports also have stated many were not paid on their last day. Then, there is the camera in the bathroom or shower issue. I would be a bit leery about taking a shower thinking a tiny camera MIGHT be watching me. The water looks like apple cider by some accounts, is this a universal plumbing issue or an isolated one? Is it just a few bad issues here or far worse. Who knows. What about the army of stray dogs in Sochi, what are they doing with them? Some accounts state they are poisoning them. A few videos have shown this, but, how does one know what you see is true? You don't.

It seems the western press is having a field day rubbing the bad events in Sochi into Russia's proud moment. It is their showcase. But, are we in the West just spoiled and feel that all events should be up to "our" standards?

Despite all the bad press Sochi has received, all pale in comparison to the threat of a terrorist attack. Should this happen anywhere, you just know tempers are going to flare between those there and authorities because Russia has been arrogant not to accept the help from other countries. Russia is like a poor kid desperately trying to prove it is just as good as America or Europe. Their own ego is there worst enemy if the Chechens succeed in bombing the Olympics, even more so if they do so within the "Ring of Steel", where 25,000 security people are stationed. Maybe the bombs have already been planted long ago, waiting for orders to set them off. Any terrorist attack is on everyone's mind there, just behind the thought of the exciting Olympics.

There are more Sochi problems to come.


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