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Google Skill - How To Quickly Find Out When The Next EPL Match Is

Updated on June 29, 2011

Note: This article shows you how to quickly find out the next EPL (or BPL) match up for your favourite club within the first page of Google's search result. If what you want is to find out about ALL the games of the next round of matches, go check out the Barclays Premier League's fixtures list here:

Oh When?

Now, there are times when you really need to quickly find out when the next EPL match is for your favorite club. You know that all you got to do is to do is to look up any Premier League fixtures list but you are short of time and you don't want to browse the BBC's site or your favorite club's forum for the exact time of the all important match. You know it is scheduled for tomorrow or maybe the day after but exactly when is that? And the team is playing against who?

All you ever wanted to do is to go direct to a page that can tell you this in an instant! This is one of those times when you wish you can find your club's next game on the very FIRST page of Google's results itself. How? Easy!

Wayne Rooney (England)
Wayne Rooney (England)
Google Search Premier League's Next Match
Google Search Premier League's Next Match

When's The Next EPL Game? What's The Last EPL Score?

Type the name of your club into and look at the topmost result.

If you want to know Manchester United's next fixture, type "Manchester United" into Google Search, you will get something like this:

Last game: Bolton 2 - 2 Manchester United, Sep 26
Next game: vs. Sunderland, Oct 2 10:00am ET

... which will give you the time of the next match (in US Eastern Time) and the latest score (conveniently provided by the English Premier League website).

Google's EPL Fixtures In Your Local Time:

Please be aware that with the new Google Instant that is being deployed to Google.<country> domains right now, keying in the search at may no longer redirect to your country's domain. If this is the case with your results:

If you are in the UK, key in

If you are outside of the UK, and need the EPL fixtures/schedule in your local time, instead of keying in Google's dot com site, key in your country's domain; for example, if you are from Malaysia, key in, Australia,

As the time is in your local time, this will save you the trouble of trying to do the conversion in your head, if you're outside of the UK.

How to tell whether it is redirecting or not? See the url at the top of the paginated results page (NOT the search page). If it is redirected, the results will be in your country's domain even if you started at

How To Get The Latest News Direct From A Search Engine/News Aggregator Site:

1. If you need the most current news of your favorite club, just click on News at the top of the Google web page after you got the previous result.


2. You can try, a news aggregator site.
If you want to search for news on Manchester United, eg:

Click or copy-and-paste the link above into the address bar at the top of your browser to go to the page.
Use the links on the left sidebar of the News Now page to find your favorite club. Then bookmark the url.

Easy as it seems, just remember to do the Google EPL tip a few times after reading this so it will come naturally to you when you need to use it. As in football, practice makes perfect. Have fun with it! ;)

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