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Quill Gordon Dry Fly

Updated on February 11, 2012

The Seasons First Fly

After the cold winter months have ended, I begin thinking of going back to one of my favorite places in the world. It is New Hartford, Connecticut to go fly-fishing on the Farmington River. Many times those first few trips early in the season can be cold wind blown days, but as long as the springtime has been cool with no days of air temperature from the upper 70's to the 80's, the first fly I'll use is the Quill Gordon.

It seems that many fly-fishing guys and gals ignore this first fly of the season that is important to a trouts diet. Usually I'll be in the catch and release zone, down stream from the steel bridge in Pleasant Valley, Connecticut-however I've seen them hatch as far north as the Old Chair Factory. Usually I'm so bundled up with clothes that range of motion is a problem, but that okay because its finally springtime. My favorite days to use this fly are early to mid April. At times I've seen the fly on the water in early May, but seldom if at all you will have any luck using it then.

Truth be told, the colder the better for using the Quill Gordon. Wind is a common enemy for all of us, but a light mist or drizzle it seems can keep the natural fly on the water. For those setting their watches, 1;30 to 2;00 p.m. Is prime hatching time. Over the years I've had my best luck with a size number 14 dry, tied as dark as you can make the wings. As the water is usually up a bit a 6X tippet makes it easy to hook some good fish.

If Quill Gordon cover the water, but you have no success with the dry fly, then I have a secret. Tie on a wet Quill Gordon size 14 and fish it on the surface the way you'd fish a dry fly. I don't often use a wet fly, but this one works like a gem when all else fails. If your able to have a productive day with a Quill Gordon you'll be chilled to the bone.

Over the years my best success has been on cold somewhat misty April days. On those days the wind can bring a tear to your eye, But I'm not crying, I'm just glad to be using a Quill Gordon


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    • profile image

      femmeflashpoint 6 years ago

      I've never fly-fished. But watching people use the technique is like art in motion.

      I don't know who finds it more mesmerizing, me or the fish.