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Races: New York City Marathon

Updated on July 12, 2007

New York City Marathon- New York City, NY: 26.2 miles

I give this race a 10!

Description: What a way to see a city! The New York Marathon lets you see the most one of the most famous cities in the world. It gives you 26.2 miles to explore the masterpiece known as New York City. The excitement from both runners and fans is unbelievable, which is probably why it receives more entries than any other marathon in the world (though unfortunately this means some have to be turned away and wait for next year).

Likes: It is very exciting to get entry into a race with the most sought after entry rate! To be part of something that big is amazing. People line every inch of that course, and that city has so much going on you never get bored! The support stations along the way are top notch, lined with water, sports drinks, fruit, bars, gels, nuts, candy, and more. There is also an amazing finishing area with everything a runner could want from food to massage. The expo was great too (one of the largest I have been to) and has many different vendors and professionals offering advice. And just the opportunity to visit NY and spend time there was well worth it (I suggest taking the world weekend or more time if you can and visit some spots in the city while there).

Dislikes: The start and the finish are in two different places (13 miles apart to be exact!) This causes some problems like "how do I get my stuff from the start to the finish?", but the NYC Marathon handles that by transporting your bags for you- the only problem is finding them at the finish. The other problem with the start and the finish so far apart is finding a way for your loved ones to see you- at this race they have to pick, they can see you start, in the middle, or at the finish- with the course layout it is virtually impossible to see more than one spot in the race. And finally, getting to the start, you can try and save some cash by staying outside the city, but this may require you getting up at 3am to get to the start because of the traffic and street closures, and even if you stay in the city you are still going to have to a lot quite a lot of time to get to the start.

Overall: An amazing experience- it is just one of those races you have to do! It was probably a once and only thing for me (the cost and the hassle were a bit too much) but I am sure glad I did it- and I have that medal hanging proudly on my wall!

Best for: Someone wanting to run for the "experience" and not so much for the race. With that many people and that much going on to get to the start and all the commotion you might not want to go out trying to set a personal record... I would say just put it on cruse control and enjoy the ride!

You'll be too busy looking around to even realize you have run 26.2 miles!


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