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Rafael Nadal

Updated on June 17, 2013


Birth Place
6' 1
85 Kg
Left handed
Tony Nadal


Rafael Nadal is one of the great tennis player of all time.Rafael Nadal is a Spanish player and former number one tennis player of the world. He completed the career grand slam after remarkable performance and winning in US open.Nadal has won twelve grand salaams single titles. Rafael Nadal has also won eight times French open titles.

Nadal is considers master in clay court tennis but his skills are also remarkable for other types of courts.He is the second male player ever who received golden grand salaam in his career. Nadal is only player who won three grand Salaams title on three different surfaces.

Early Life

Rafael Nadal was born in Mallorca Spain. His father was a businessmen engaged in insurance business his mother is house wife. In his childhood Nadal was interested in Football and he was great fan of Barcelona football club. His uncle was good tennis player very soon Nadal turned his attention towards Tennis. Nadal started his tennis career when he was only eight years old. Nadal won under twelve championship title in local champion ship.

At the request of tennis federation age of fourteen Nadal moved to Barcelona to continue his tennis career. Due to his hard work very soon he rose very high position in tennis world. He was just seventeen years old when he defeated world number one Roger Federer.

Tennis Career

Rafael Nadal was only fifteen years old when he won his first ATP title. In his Wimbledon debut he was youngest player after Boris Backer who reached third round of Wimbledon. Nadal played his first match against former world number one roger Federer in Miami masters and defeated him this was big achievement for just eighteen years old Nadal.

Nadal was the first male player ever who won the French open in his first appearance. Nadal is considers master in Clay court tennis Nadal won twenty four consecutive single matches and broke the record of former world number one Andre Agassi.Nasal also defeated Agassi in Canadian Masters open.

Nadal Vs Federer

Nadal and Federer are two big rivals in world of tennis. Both are only players of tennis long history who finished four consecutive years on top in tennis ranking. Federere and Nadal played thirty times in tennis courts Nadal is remarkably performed and won twenty times. Both have also played in a record ten masters series finals.

Career Achievements

Monte Carlo Masters
08 Mens single titles
Frenceh Open
08 Mens single titles
Romes Masters
07 Mens single titles
Barcelona Open
08 Mens single titles

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