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Raging about Roids

Updated on August 4, 2016

Raging about Roids

Driving with one hand on the steering wheel and adjusting the volume with the other. I attempt to fight through the static and hear what the voice of the other side of the radio has to say. "Steriods." I hear it and begin to contemplate whether I rather take my chances with Jenny boom boom on hot 93.7.

A-rod sits with one cheek on the cusp of history and the other on the Yankees bench. Cameras fixed to him as if he's a rare bread, an endangered species. The fact of the matter is, he probably is just that. He stands 4 home runs shy of 700 for his career, a feet accomplished by only 3 other humans beings. 2009 World Series champ, 3 time Mvp, over 3000 hits and I probably have a better chance of making it to the MLB hall of fame.

He cheated, I get it. But too hypothesise that anybody else in his situation would have done much different, is just not a very educated guess too me. Please, put your two hands in front of you, look at your right hand and think about the fall out from the Mike Francesca interview, the million dollar lawyers and the tainted reputation. Then I want you too look at your left hand and think about 480 million dollars he's earned through playing a game for a living. I gaurentee the hypothetical scale now leans heavily in favor of your left hand (the money, for those that aren't paying attention.)

Too be perfectly honest, I'm not sure what I wouldn't do for $480 million but a needle and faking a couple drug test isn't one of them. So I beg of you, as your fingers scroll through your phone searching for right the combination to call and rant about this guy, pause and switch to Jennie and her boom boom.

Forgive or Forgive

Do you think A-rod should be allowed the chance to hit his 700 HR?

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