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Rain Shield

Updated on March 27, 2012

Rain Shield

Columbia Men's Watertight Jacket

Rain Shield vs Columbia Men's Watertight Jacket

I love the outdoors, but just like anyone if you aren't properly clothed for a climb, hike, biking trip, or other event it can be miserable.

My least favorite though is being under dressed when it starts to rain, and because of this fact I have done some searching to find a comfortable product that still keeps my dry when I need it. I found a few brands of Rain Shield that I have found to be particularly good in those circumstances.

  1. Rain Shield O2 - This rain shield is probably the lightest weight rain suit I have seen. The entire rain suit weighs less then 10 oz. Not only was it incredibly light weight it was fairly breathable (as far as waterproof clothing goes) and surprisingly durable. The Rain Shield O2 is made of a polypropylene nonwoven fabric, and allows for perspiration to evaporate from the body. The best thing about the rain shield in my opinion is not only was it waterproof, it was windproof as well. You could sleep in a pool with these things on and still not get wet!

    Last the biggest down fall of the Rain Shield is the lack of pockets and underarm zipper section. The zipper is also pretty small making it difficult to zip and unzip with gloves on or with out a zipper pull. Besides those things the Rain Shield is pretty incredible, and has a hood big enough to cover a hat and still block the wind and rain to the face to add to its benefits.

  2. Columbia Men's Watertight Jacket - This rain shield jacket is one of my favorites. It is heavier then the Rain Shield O2 but a lot more stylish. Now I realize most people aren't looking for style when it comes to running or biking, but if you are anything like me then the Columbia Men's Watertight Jacket is definitely for you. It weighs 1.3 lbs by itself but has pockets and is almost as good in keeping out water. It is a lot more breathable and probably the most comfortable rain shield I have ever worn.

    This jacket is perfect for hard-core hiking or going to watch a sporting event. In addition to these things it has a hood which does a pretty good job of keeping out the wind and rain as well. It isn't as good as the Rain Shield at this but a lot more comfortable and comes in more colors then bath tub rubber ducky.

After comparing the Rain Shield and the Columbia Men's Watertight jacket I would probably pick the Columbia Men's watertight jacket for most of my outings. For extremely heavy down pours I would choose the Rain Shield.

Click here to get your Rain Shield O2 or Here to get your Columbia Men's Watertight jacket today!


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    • jafruminc profile image

      jafruminc 5 years ago from Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

      Good for these rainy days.