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Baseball, Rainy Day Baseball. Happy Mother's Day

Updated on June 21, 2014

Out the door today to see a ball game. Little League style. Baseball is great.Conway Park. Somerville, MA. The players here are as fun to watch as players anywhere. Besides, I know lots of people over at Conway and will get to know lots more.

Conway Park had a makeover two or three years ago, and the park looks great. The biggest detractor though, is that in a town of 80,000 people, set on four square miles, and 3% green space, the sad part is that Conway green is cut off to anyone and any time other than league sanctioned events.

We have all heard, "It is for the kids." Don't believe it. Where it suits it is for the kids, otherwise, "It is for the kids," is lip service.

Be that as it may, just as I was going out the door the sky turned from bright day to a dark day, while tiny drops of raindrops began speckling my windshield. Rainshield today. However, things were looking good, the weather report said a short spell of rain and then it would be over and then there would be a ball game.

Behind us the clouds had brightened; behind those the clouds darkened.


An hour later the rain continued, and we waited, longingly looking onto the field. The field looks great. Now, if we can just get the rain to stall til tonight.


Standing around waiting for this weather to get over itself, one guy asked a baseball question: who was the only pitcher to hit a home run in the World Series? After much speculating and guessing we came up with Jim Palmer. Close. Dave NcNally. Right. Who was intentionally walked to get to him? Davey Johnson. Didn’t know that.

Meanwhile players made their way back and forth to and from the concession stand. None seemed concerned with what was not happening on the field. If there was going to be a game, they were ready to play.

The field? Not looking good.


You would not mind but the Opening Day Little League Parade had taken place earlier in bright sunshine, warm temperature, with everyone looking forward to a day of letting the games take care of their day.

That was then.

Now we wait. Too long. Too many raindrops.

Game called.

Time to go home.


No doubt tomorrow will be a bright shining and sunny day, but alas. Mother’s Day. No games scheduled.

Back home to the neighborhood. Well, at least there is some benefit to the rain: the trees flowers and shrubbery like it.

And, by the way Happy Mother's Day


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    • profile image

      Linda Victoria 6 years ago

      I love this. Skip, you write well. Great pictures too.