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Randy Couture Beat James Toney At MMA, So What?

Updated on November 15, 2014

Is Boxing Better Than MMA?

For a long time now, there's been that recurring question of whether boxing was better, or MMA.

The UFC attempted to answer that very question at UFC 118 when long time MMA veteran Randy "The Natural" Couture, took on professional heavyweight boxer James "Lights Out" Toney in an exclusive exhibition match.

From the very beginning, when the fight was announced, it looked more like a sideshow than a real fight. I'm not sure how this happened, but someone actually made the decision to make this the co-main event of the card, right underneath Frankie Edgar vs. BJ Penn. As if this fight really had enough merit to be in that position. Seeing this fight on the promotional posters for UFC 118 actually took me back to the early UFC days. You remember those days right? The days when the UFC was more of a freakshow than a respected sport. When the actual fight took place, the end result was not very surprising, and very satisfying for MMA fans. James Toney pretty much did nothing but get dominated for the entire fight, or I should say, entire round.

To no one's surprise, Couture was able to take Toney down early, and with much ease. Once Randy got the fight to the ground, that was pretty much it. Randy maintained full control by easily controlling Toney's posture, eventually trapping Toney in an arm triangle, forcing James to verbally submit. (the guy didn't even know how to tap out)

So now we have our answer right? Wrong.

This didn't prove anything whatsoever. The only thing this proved is that James Toney is really lousy at MMA, which we already figured out anyway.

This is a question that simply cannot be answered because they are two separate sports with completely different sets of rules. To decide which one better is left up to the judgement of each individual sports fan. There will be some that say boxing is better, and there will be some that say is MMA is better. Whichever you choose, you cannot mix the two together. That's like saying football is better than baseball, and basketball is better than hockey. It's just a comparison that cannot be done. Randy Couture beating James Toney in an MMA match only proves that Randy is a better MMA fighter. To equal it out, they should put James Toney vs. Randy Couture in a heavyweight boxing match. That doesn't necessarily mean that Toney would automatically win, but his odds are better because boxing is where he shines. If that fight ever did take place and Toney won the match, it only proves that Toney is the better boxer. It still doesn't mean boxing is better than MMA and vice versa.

So although the MMA fans in attendance at UFC 118 were happy with the result, because this was a full MMA event not a boxing event, it still doesn't mean anything because the two sports are from two different universes. I hope no one asks this question again because it simply doesn't make any sense.

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