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Randy Moss: On the Wire

Updated on November 3, 2010

Moss on the Wire

After just 4 games in less than one month with the Vikings, Randy Moss has been cut from the roster. This was bound to happen though, with Sidney Rice scheduled to return soon. Childress has, however, been questioned for his motives this season. Already, he has criticized his starting quarterback after one poor performance. It does seem that Randy was not given fair treatment in this whole ordeal. He contributed just as much as anyone had to the team, hauling in 13 catches for 174 yards and two touchdowns in 4 games, which isn't bad considering Favre has already thrown more interceptions this season than he did the previous year.

The question now is who will pick Moss up? He was put on the waiver wire Tuesday and will remain on there until Wednesday November 10th at 4 P.M. If no team claims him by that time, the Vikings will be responsible for the sum of his contract, allowing other teams to pick him up and pay him as little as $450,000, which would be a steal for the caliber player that Moss is. There is a very good chance that he will not be claimed, for the sole reason that most teams who could use him are far beyond turning their season around. Most experts think that Moss will go to the Bills or Panthers, but with the way their teams are performing, it is likely that neither of those teams will claim him.

Who's gonna get him?

The first 3 teams in line for Moss are the Bills, Panthers and Cowboys. Jerry Jones has already said that they will not be claiming Moss, so that leaves the decision up to the Bills and Panthers. The Bills obviously have a lot more building to do. Their quarterback position is still up in the air. My guess is that they will pass on Moss in order to seal their spot for a top pick in the draft. Their games from here out will probably be for improvement purposes. It's hard enough to win 9 games straight, much more when you have injured running backs. The Panthers do have a young quarterback that they are trying to improve.  Moss could very well be a good veteran addition, but then again they already have a great receiver in Steve Smith. Dwayne Jarrett still has to have a spot also, so we can assume that Moss won't be going to any of the top 3 teams that can claim him.

The teams that are most likely to get him will be the Broncos, Rams, Raiders, Seahawks, Titans or maybe even Patriots. When Patriots QB, Tom Brady, was asked if he would like to have Moss back, he wouldn't comment yes or no. To me it is apparent that he would love to have Moss back because he did hint that it was up to the coach and staff. He also said that there were several players he would have back if he could, but the decision is up to the coach.

Breaking News

Randy Moss was picked up by the Tennessee Titans, of all teams, at 6 P.M. Wednesday evening. The Titans, who have not had a premier receiver in many years were able to claim Moss after the other teams passed up on him. The Titans will be required to pick up Moss's contract, relieving the Vikings from all obligation. The question now is, will Moss be a good fit in a Jeff Fisher offense?

Jeff Fisher's team has been known to be well disciplined. Jeff is a coach who will sit any player that he feels is not contributing the way that they could. It should be interesting to see how Randy does with his 4th NFL team. One thing is for sure, that powder blue uniform will look great on him.

Will Randy be the key for the Vikings getting to the Super Bowl?

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    • wavegirl22 profile image

      Shari 6 years ago from New York, NY

      For Moss I think if is a great thing. Ditto for Farve who I will hold my tongue on my thoughts of him. Glad he is in Minn and no longer in NY. But I am happy for Moss. Nice for him to go out the way he came in. I think he will get a chance to show us more of what makes him a lock for a first ballot in HOF.

      Doesnt much matter, this is the year to be a *J*E*T* !